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The reason for that is these guys are a post hardcore act with stacks of aggression, so to have the album start with gentle vocals and plenty of keyboards was not what I expected at all! That song saw them break the Top 40 Singles chart, while it was in the Top 10 NZ Singles, and it is possible to see this going the same way. A light and airy original based around being stood up on a first date.

Drums were later recorded at a home studio at a different volunteer project in Pisa, Italy while the mixing took place over the following year. From there it was just a simple matter of contacting Sonnyboy and suggesting they collaborate on an album together, and this is the result. Mind you, even then those games must have been retro, as the sounds being utilised on this have a much better fit with the decade before.

A miracle because choral singing has proven to be a super-spreader of Covid and was avoided like, well, the plague. It took me a while to think who they remind me of, but in the end, I settled for English singer Talis Kimberly and Australian Maryen Cairns, both incredible performers who have released essential albums.

Of course, the decision was made that they would not start their set until which was a pain in the neck as I decided that I was going to have dinner at the bar, so I was there for just after ! Its message insists that the only person with real expectations for you is you, making No Follow Through an excellent single as it offers something of a thesis statement for the quality of music Wiri Donna plans to share.

Their south seas art-pop is characterised by unearthly melodies, surprising shifts and vintage timbres. Goldsmith Baynes is a musical partnership between singer Allana Goldsmith and pianist Mark Baynes, but in this number they bring it out to a full band with Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa drums , Alex Griffith electric bass , Cameron Allen saxophones , Jono Tan trombone and Mike Booth trumpet and horn arrangement.

Formed in , they have a sound which takes me back more than 40 years to the indie commercial punk style which came through in the second wave in the UK when bands decided they would actually like to be featured on Top of the Pops and the radio after all. I'm listening to their debut single Sludge. The Dead of Night commences with a pre-war ballad, even down to the crackly vinyl, before it is replaced by a simple repeated motif on acoustic guitar.

They are: Nich Cunningham and Dorian Noval. His latest track Mystical Barz opens with a dialogue that really sets the mood for the track. A jazzy-pop octet who have just released their third single One Puff Wonder, which follows on from debut singles Sniffy Lady and Turning Out and builds on the foundation for their up and coming EP Girls Gotta Eat, set to be released late March Having formed in , their cacophony sound is a blend of noise rock that gives you reason to listen.

I had promised her I would be there for it, so I had taken time off work and had flown down from Auckland back home to Oxford just for this. Noriel Wong guitar , Aaron Prictor guitar, vocals , Lauren Kate Borhani vocals , Caitlin Clark bass and Bahador Borhani drums started this band as a fun excuse to be able to go out and blast some of their favourite Emo tunes, and this is their first original.

But the best way to prove an artist is worth listening to is simply telling you they make good music. Quite a bit of press attention has already gone the way of this duo, and even a cursory read of this reveals two highly motivated women with a clear vision of what they are doing- in terms of both the musical intent and cultural perspective. I was devastated as were they, to be honest when their national tour was cancelled last year when we went into lockdown, as I have not heard anyone quite like them.

With a solid bass line propping up the main guitar riff, the drums hold it all together and allow for Phil's vocals to sit neatly in place, which by the way sound real and authentic. Ekko Park Joe Walsh lead vocals, guitar , Bryan Bell bass , Nick Douch drums and newest addition Jessie Booth guitar, backing vocals , are a well-established Auckland rock quartet with an international pedigree and a penchant for hooky tracks of the highest order of quality.

One of my favourite words. The track is an easy yet affecting tune, which somehow sounds exactly like its titular colour, lavender, if colours could be heard. The five-piece formed in , have already made a mark on the rock NZ scene, releasing three singles featuring on the Vines , along with national and international radio play and playing extensively in their home town and beyond.

Just last month we had Cy Winstanley from Tattletale Saints pass through on holiday , South for Winter play a few cameo gigs supporting the release of their great little record Luxumbra, and then Jackie Bristow releases her 5th album, recorded in Nashville, while she stayed locked down here in New Zealand. He also writes and arranges music for local and international artists, bands and shows. Having not sat down with a cup of tea and some electro-dub music in years, Steve was completely and utterly all ears as he delved in.

For those outside New Zealand, the current rules are that there are set maximums which venues have to work with, everyone must be seated, and wearing masks with spacing between seats. With the project kicking off in the latter end of — which is probably not the greatest timing, with all the upcoming turmoil and disruption to live music etc.

His narrative is ours, his perspective the everyday, the mundane, the tragic and the joyful; snapshots of Kiwi normal, and occasionally not so. Hailing from Liverpool, Barry grew up when that city was going through a period of austerity, and it is no surprise to hear punk and post punk in his style as well as The Beatles of course and T-Rex. Her voice belies her age, as one can never believe that anyone as young as this could have suffered the pain this voice brings us.

Back in Dennis DeYoung had a major argument with the rest of Styx as he felt that even though he had played them Babe it was way too private for it ever to be recorded and made available, but we all know he lost and even though it only made it to 3 here in NZ, it did top the charts in plenty of other countries.

The trio have recently released the first song from their album In My Garden. A crunchy and sparkly cosmic soup. Kumeu Live is a small venue fashioned out of the Arts Centre with seating for inside and an open flow outside to benches on a concrete court. When one understands where the songs originated from, this makes far more sense as it feels exactly as if it has been recovered from somewhere, as opposed to something organically pulled together at a single point in time.

This might be controversial but the best Ice Cream is a simple Vanilla Whip in a cone. At that time, I noted that another three songs would be following shortly, and that, based on the strength of these original two, I was eagerly anticipating what this next batch would have in store.

Here is a breakdown of the key moments in the album. Whereas the Thursday saw me in the middle of Auckland, Friday saw me out in the middle of nowhere. There are a whole load of rules and regulations around this, but the largest impact on gigs is that for anyone to attend they must be fully vaccinated and be able to prove that, while indoor limits are set to a maximum of people, and everyone must be seated.

He credits the revitalisation with his teaming up with Greg Haver, an award-winning Welsh record producer most renowned for his work with The Manic Street Preachers. Although related to their normal folk style, this sees Danni Parsons and Lance Shepherd produce something which is crossing the boundaries of reggae, ska and pop, with some folk in there just for good measure.

Probably longer since EDM was even called techno… And even then, the genre was never the main event. It presents the incredibly intimate musings of a teenage girl on the cusp of adulthood, processing the complexities of real heartbreak in an almost frighteningly honest yet still relatable way. That was his third album, and following on from the success of that, he is bringing us into with a song of hope. There is nothing then between the artist and the listener, just their voice and the unplugged nature of their instrument, relying solely on their songs and performance to make that important connection.

Emerging from the smoky neon haze, Motel Midnight have arrived with their new single Save Me. If their Origins EP is anything to go by, the band is certainly blessed with an international calibre. Then there are albums like this one, where all you need to do is check out the cover to have an idea of what it is going to be like inside. Citing influences as Primus and Them Crooked Vultures, you can definitely hear this in the way the song, not only sounds but how it is written and arranged.

When I first saw them, I was impressed that here was an unsigned band who had invested in having their debut album pressed in vinyl and had a few different t-shirts available as well as some other merch including stickers. The intricacies of bringing many parts together and making the final product sound so good is beyond my capabilities.

Here we are on the brink of climate catastrophe, and another Covid wave which threatens to lock us down if not out, and yet over the past 3 months we have been able to reflect on and enjoy the two song writing partnerships which have arguably defined modern rock. I was mightily impressed as they had brought a bus up from Hamilton with a load of fans onboard — one way of guaranteeing playing in a strange town in front of a friendly crowd.

With two full length albums, a slew of charting radio singles and music videos as well as an impressive gigging resume, they have been making their mark, leaving their statement and creating a solid body of straight up punk hits ever since. This means that tonight was going to be my first gig in five months, and given that I covered more than 30 in the first part of the year, that was some cold turkey.

Mark, Connor, Joe, Matt and Joshua have created a bright and summery indie pop jangler which is heavily guitar-based yet is somehow light and airy throughout. How would they take it this time around if I panned this release? To my ears it means they play mid-paced alternative pop rock with a strong concentration on the gravelly and emotional vocals of Kurt with loads of space within the arrangements, which are well-produced. All 16 tracks are packed with brilliant harmonies that are propelled along by the glorious uplifting off beat rhythmic delight that reggae music delivers so well.

Oh you can bet your bottom dollar I was. It is a song that builds upon a simple melodic idea and explores it while a consistent beat runs through the background. Hailing from the alternative music scene and having previously played in metal bands, Finlay has more recently been doing live sound at big events such as RnV, Shipwrecked, Aum, and Splore.

Truly exasperating month. Different phases, ranging from feeling bulletproof to feeling paranoid to eventually feeling resigned to whatever happens. Comprising Cameron Owens guitars , Ruaidri Keens guitars , Matt Hammond bass and James Trimmer drums they are one of those very rare breeds, a hard-hitting metal act with no need for a singer. At that time, I had been to more than 30 gigs, and was on course to hit 50 for the year, never thinking for a minute that August would be the last time I saw a band play live.

Not the usual hum and bustle and sometimes annoying back of hall chatter. Run From The Fear is fairly lengthy for a single, at more than 5 minutes, and is packed full of emotion and angst. When I first heard this a face kept popping into my head as to who this reminded me of, but it took ages for the synapses to snap and finally it came into focus, Richard Marx.

His long-time sparring buddy Eddie Rayner Split Enz, Crowded House has provided tips and critique on this his new single, but multi-instrumentalist Brian not only produced this, but provided all the instrumentation and vocals. The opening track Pages straddles a gentle reggae beat and a chorus that cries out for a beach day party.

Mind you, we also expected the full-length album, Hava, as well but COVID 19 has a way of messing up the best laid plans. I have always been impressed with this band, either live or in the studio, but here Ben is moving in a slightly different direction, and I am not sure if it has come off entirely as he would have liked. That is one of the eight songs on this rather short album, which is less than 25 minutes long with every song being just either side of the three-minute mark with the longest being the title cut at Since then, there has been the minor issue of an Auckland lockdown which prevented them from building on that success on the live circuit, but now they are back with the next single.

I fell in love with their debut album last year, which includes the wonderful singles Hold On and Take It Easy, and here they are now back with new music. One of the highlights of for me was seeing Aro at Auckland Folk Festival, and since then I have been busy discovering their music. The days of our family following Vince Leatherby, the Happy Wanderer, around the Kiwi country music circuit.

I'm hooked. The 16 year old songwriter has already celebrated success with Hold On, with the song taking out the top prize in the solo category at this year's regional Smokefree Rockquest competition. Turning his hand to solo electronic music, Steven has just released a double single of two new tracks: Brainstare and Manatorquim.

The Deal will be released by the end of the year, so for now here is the single, Angeline, which is sung by the character of Gabriel, played by Kingsley Smith Knightshade who also provides piano on the track. Inspired by memories of her mum and friends getting ready for nights out, the cover actually features both her mother on the left and her godmother. It's an electronic fanfare booming with bass, s and distinct personality.

This is their fourth album, and to put is simple is an absolute blast from start to finish and a load of fun. Samuel and his family grew up in China, and this song was written with Mason May, a friend of the band from those days.

Not dark like the musings of a goth rock icon destined to die at 23 but dark like a sexy old vampire. Storey maintains an impressive work rate and eclectic output. Obviously one group which have been unable to work are the gigging musicians, which has seen some of them go into the studio or even start new projects.

Over the last five years he wrote, recorded, and mixed his debut album, Failure Thirty Minutes Deep, scheduled for release in and No-One is the first single and is a truly solo affair as Ellery performed all instruments and vocal parts, as well as producing and mixing the song. I suspect the incredibly creative and resourceful Howie has single-handedly ushered in the Age of Aquarius with this wholesome and uplifting alt-folk anthem. Now accompanied by a full band, the vibe and the energy of the material has been lifted, and this has opened up exciting new songwriting territory for Claudia Paine and her upcoming EP.

The five piece hailing from Christchurch is made up of father and daughter, Dawn Hendriske vocals, guitar Gary Hendriske vocals, bass , a next door neighbour and couple of mates in no particular order Gordon Goodinson vocals, guitar and Simon Gemmill drums, keyboard, guitar. My initial reaction brought back memories of 70's funk band Parliament. But I am very late to the piece indeed, as Gramsci are the brainchild of Paul McLaney who is so productive that he has lost count of the works he has undertaken to date.

Since they released their first demo back in the band have had the same line-up throughout of Necroar vocals , Inebriator guitar , Carnage bass , and Rots drums. They decided to work as a rough and raw punk duo, adapting some of the older songs to their new style, a few of which can be heard here. Her first album in four years since 's Wild Things, Time Flies is a shift away from Ladyhawke's more pop rock sound, and a return to her 80's synth pop roots.

It can lurk in places unexpected, or even uninvited. The album was recorded towards the end of and the beginning of on the Kapiti Coast by Karl and Charlie Wootton Merrin. Given that my idea of a great night often consists of high energy metal of one type or another, I would not normally say that about an evening of light opera.

Inhabiting the experimental electronic space pioneered by the likes of Aphex Twin and championed by modern masters such as Flying Lotus and Four Tet, his music features fat glitch-hop bass kicks and chopped beats anchoring sonic explorations that ebb and flow with intent.

This means I am rarely surprised, and it is not often I come across something and can honestly say I have never heard anything quite like it before, but this is one of those times. Like A Movie is a track firmly aimed at the youth market "capturing the rift between romcoms and real life". A beautifully rich collection of soulful jazz, contemporary in its delivery incorporating an indie-pop and neo-soul sound wrapped around playful harmonious lyrics.

The first wave of the new punk scene was made up of musicians who had been part of the earlier pub rock craze, so they knew what they were doing, and were far more musically inclined than many gave them credit for. The vibe is soothing, relaxed, and calming, and is a very nice listen indeed.

Album after album, one impressive single after another. The band is super tight with wonderful guitar licks working wonderfully over top of the rhythm section. This time around, as well as providing drums on the album, he is also the lead singer and main songwriter.

I thoroughly enjoyed her release gig, and at the time I said I would have enjoyed it more if she had utilized an acoustic more, but on that night, there were some technical problems, so she played electric, but the acoustic is well to the fore in this set. It feels like somebody's beaming a scrambled signal from a haunted bunker.

This sees the duo of Isaac and Andrew Conlon move away from heavy funk they have become renowned for, and instead strip their music down to its most basic, guitar and voice. Originally, he was planning to release a single track album, but when he was working on the songs, he realized that they were better grouped in three sets of four, which is why he is releasing them in this format.

Their latest release Railroad For Two hit my ears and I am happy to say, my heart was warmed by such a melodic and poignant song that is perfect for any setting where peace and calm are the order of the day. He sings a little as well, a bit like Rufus Wainwright or Perfume Genius. While the gig may have been postponed due to a certain lockdown hopefully they will make it up here next year , the 4-track EP has still been released, which is what I am now listening to.

In January of this year, he was sat at home one night reflecting on what had happened so far and what the future may hold, and in that quiet time he sat and gently improvised some music which has now become the basis for this, his new single. Back then the band was pretty much ex-Lucifer Gunne frontman Rory McDonald, but now he has been joined by Daniel Maslen guitars , Oli Cass bass and Jackson Kidd drums while still providing guitar and vocals himself.

Rain came to fruition when Cathy Elizabeth, lead singer of Wellington-based band No Surrender found herself in lockdown and decided to form a studio-based project with sound engineer and producer Thomas Te Taite. Their debut single Wondering was released on 22 October, Over the years they have played with some of the heavyweights of the NZ scene such as Villainy, Devilskin and The Feelers as well as supporting international acts such as Living Color and have also had success in the NZ Top 40 Singles chart.

I can count at least 7 singles which have been released from this track album over the last five years, but a project which started in and took in 3 studios has finally been completed and we should all be grateful for that. These guys have managed to secure support slots with bands as diverse as P. Some, such as Fog Forest No. Although her voice is lighter in some ways, with a nice twang, her approach is quite reminiscent to the more rock-based approach of the likes of Shania Twain.

Cking and Dilz each come lyrically strapped with passionate and emotive verses, matching the energy of the rapid-fire, earth-rattling production alongside them. With an appreciation and fascination for a diversity of genre, Comf connects their own personal experiences with manipulated samples of anything and everything, to tell a story that is a constant state of re-evaluation. Interestingly, much of this was recorded some time ago in preparation for an album, but they instead decided to go with the strongest tracks instead and cut it back.

Stewart Allan has been a musician for over 20 years and first made a name for himself in a forest in Poland before the wall came down. Whereas he normally sits quite happily within alt country, here we see him using that as a base and then moving in a much rockier direction. The rock edge is really working for you, girl! It begins with the up-tempo Doolie, which sounds like a new romance beginning, full of love and hope.

There is no doubt that one of the highlights was Jenny Mitchell, who with her sisters Nicola and Maegan, provided warm and emotional country music in a style which seemed very much at odds with her age. Even though Bianca Rae was the support, and everything was running late, she refused to let anything get to her, and I thoroughly enjoyed her set. Eleven tracks of pure musical goodness integrate a number of diverse styles that you cannot help but appreciate.

Especially when he looks a lot like Duane Allman in his cover photo. Daniel Carleton lead vocals , Alex Carleton guitars, backing vocals , Bryce Patten guitars, backing vocals , Ben Pegman bass and Ben Bakker drums have a reputation for always delivering the goods, and I count myself lucky to have caught them a few times in the last year.

It took quite a while for them to settle on the current line-up of Simon McDowell drums , Dione Denize bass and Julion Wright guitar, saxophone and now they have just released their debut album. When it commenced, I felt we were in for some sort of electronic dance music, but I soon realized that in many ways they remind me much more of the Eighties band Yazoo.

While some of his works have become the soundtracks to independent short films, television and radio commercials, multimedia projects, art installations, and specifically commissioned sound design or compositional pieces, he has also maintained an interest in releasing material as a musical artist. Finger Tight - Double Single Review: ineedsomespace vs. When I reviewed that previously, I said it needed repeated playing to get the most out of it, but somewhat strangely the familiarity throughout the album works in the same way, so that the more one gets through this the more there is to enjoy.

Arjuna Oakes is a singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Note that down. Her new single So Much was self-penned and produced by Sam Johnson. Write it down. Lucinda is the first single from their forthcoming EP, Tall Stories, which they will be promoting with a North Island tour, and I am definitely looking forward to catching them in Auckland.

After losing his father and Grandma within a few months of each other and navigating his way through loss and grief, Louis is combining his own mental health struggles with his love of music to help others. I have not previously come across any of her other albums, but somehow, I can see I need to undertake some investigations as this is a very special album indeed.

I thought Cafe Fistfight had probably taken the foodie elements to the extreme with songs such as King Hit Quiche, but here we have six songs all aimed at the pizza lovers among us. This is his second single in recent months, following on from Skys where he showed an interest more in krautrock than in is normal indie-jazz style.

I have managed to catch them play live a few times over the last year, and what always strikes me is just how different they are to the rest of the local scene, coming through as a mix of classic Seventies hard rock, progressive and modern alt rock. The track is highly reminiscent of bands like Daughter and Placebo, the former of which Machray cites as an influence. They came across 5-string bassist Matt Hammond when they heard the demoes for Black Sands, which he not only produced but played on, and he joined forces to work with them on the album and to allow them to play in the Ding Dong Battle of the Bands.

They were both already veterans of the Auckland scene, and wanted to perform music which concentrated on the power of acoustic guitar, wonderful vocals, plus some gentle electronic backing, and that is certainly what we have here. Perhaps the reason it stuck so solidly in my head was that I kept finding myself in the painfully mundane and tricky situations that it laments. I mean, we even have aviator sunglasses! It has been a while in the making, in that the first single, Suffer With The Moon, was actually released a year ago while Wretched Tracks came out in February: both are included here.

As a child, his parents listened to a lot of Brazilian music, and he was fascinated by the way they used harmonies: it was so beautifully put together, so soft and in connection with the soul. One can imagine Samantha performing in a corner, hoping that no-one will see or hear her, and when I read in her bio that only her girlfriend has seen her perform in the last year, and that even she is not allowed to be around when Samantha is writing, then it makes perfect sense.

I like this. The intro track Download is a futuristic video game-esque prelude which sets the scene for what can only be described as the creation of a new genre perhaps? His love of strong pop melodies and James Brown covers shine through on this album mingling with his uniquely upbeat sound.

According to the information I have in front of me, this Wellington-based band was formed from a group of music students in , started performing live in , and their ages now range from 15 to 18! They made it through to the final of the Ding Dong Lounge Battle of the Bands and set up a headline show at the same venue with Cafe Fistfight and Mariner as support to celebrate the release of I Heard Penelope Sing, but then disaster struck with Ben being rushed to hospital following a Grand Mal seizure.

Wellington is not warm enough to do this song justice. Fans of electronic genres will find plenty to like here, but crossover appeal might be limited. Just in time for the warmer weather, the track is a fresh, uplifting pop tune, sure to be a crowd favourite this summer.

The lead track from this EP, Sailing the Seas of Grease, was actually released towards the end of but it has taken until now for their six-track minute-long debut EP to made available. From looking at their photos I can see they have played Dead Witch, so I am going to have to pay closer attention to the gig listings as I have been to that venue a lot this past year, but somehow have missed these guys. It fits into what kind of feels as almost progressive in regards to the styles it compasses.

The band are a hard rock outfit with a kick ass singer in Lisa Walters, who has a great ability to hit long notes and keep them pure and on pitch, yet also has plenty of emotion and breadth in her range. Sometimes, perhaps now more than ever, we need to be reminded of the simple joy that comes with being who we are and of the love that we share with other people.

Of course, I said yes, and he provided me with a Soundcloud link to this release, which immediately blew me away. A family is sitting at the dinner table in front of you. Since then, he has performed in bands of different genres, as well as teaching music to thousands of Aucklanders.

Anderson Rocio was not someone I had come across prior to that night, although one of her songs, Paradise, had previously featured on an episode of Lucifer, but I came away incredibly impressed and said how much I would be looking forward to hearing more of her material.

This is in no way a negative connotation, I would hate to think that my initial perspective was one of which, when I was given the task to review this song, I was already looking to the one-star rating. That got me thinking the guys probably had a sense of humour and when I saw they describe themselves as a perfect fruit salad; filled with juicy melodies, tasty songs, and sweet, sweet harmonies, then I was sure of it.

He says he is inspired by all forms of music from Fraggle Rock to Eminem, Crowded House to Pink, and it must be said that anyone who finds a way to reference Fraggle Rock is always going to be interesting. New Zealand born and now based in Melbourne, Gaskin intertwines his own roots and the roots of his current placing in this video, with a cast of 20 First Nations Aboriginal and Maori performers.

They have been gigging over the last few months, mainly in community halls and house shows, but of course that has now stopped with NZ back in lockdown, so it is somehow fitting that their debut single was written after the first lockdown and is about feeling anxiety on a night going out to town, and the taxi drive has them wondering if they should just go back home. Close Enough offers a unique song structure, with its groovy chorus not hitting until just before the two minute mark, and a lengthy final chorus section.

The song features a diverse array of instrumentation including strings, flute, synths, and something that sounds to me like maybe a Gudok or similar? This one ruled. This minute-long 3-track EP finds them demonstrating just how slick and powerful they are, with different styles of funk and soul.

Percussion floats in, further enticing us into its dreamy orbit, while deep fuzzy bass and envelope-filtered guitar play in parallel, setting up melody lines which become the anchor of the song. Mind you, although HATT are a new name, those behind it are definitely not, as anyone who has been involved with the Auckland music scene will recognize all those taking part. I knew this track would be something else before I even listened to it. There is a so much more spice added to this rock pot than the standard rock fare that you might consume from mainstream radio, and while comparisons to Shihad are apparent with their sound influenced by previous Tom Larkin produced material, but these tracks are self-produced and is a touch more raw and edgy.

The quintet has just released the second single from their forthcoming album, and based on Ouija Board I am definitely looking forward to hearing that when it is available. I must admit I was playing catch-up from there, and after having had a quick listen to their previous album, I have to say that Narrative is definitely a step up; both in production value and over-all song crafting.

Described as a "Hyperpop album", it is filled with wonder, exploring a diverse range of genres such as Bubblegum Pop, UK Garage, Techno, 90's House with elements of Classical and Baroque. This interval sets a tone and mood that allows Goodlynx to be direct and honest with his audience. Musically this is bringing together elements of Alternative, Shoegaze, Electronica and pop, with the focus on keyboards and vocals, although special mention should be made here of the drums and I still cannot make up my mind if they are programmed or real , which provide cut through.

First up tonight was Green, which features three members of Big Tasty and in some ways is quite a similar band. They were planning for the gig to end long before the headline band normally starts, so it was promising to be a nice early night to gently ease me into the weekend. They were a band new to me, but they have been around in one form or another since , and the current line-up has been together since They bring together folk, alt-blues.

This is indie-pop, and is annoyingly catchy and infectious, so much so that I have been finding myself walking along absentmindedly humming the tune. With the arrival of Branden Pritchard drums and Scott Parker bass, backing vocals they have been working on recording their debut EP this year, and this is the first track to be released.

Given just how much I have been playing that, I did have some concerns that Fire may not live up to the same level, but these were soon blown away. Kicking things off in their hometown Otautahi, the Christchurch Town Hall was host to another explosive, uplifting performance by one of NZs most treasured and traveled live acts. Still, it is always good to come to a place which has a nice permanent stage and lighting and walking in I could see the CT drumkit on stage, along with multiple guitars and Marshall amps — the guys certainly know how to make an impression even when they are not performing.

Pigeon Racing is an ancient sport which carries on to this day. As he begins playing those who were hanging out in the cafe come through. With the release of her debut single, Wellington's Julia Belle blossoms onto the music scene, exploring a hazy world of late-night loneliness in the modern age. I stood in the doorway and was stunned by what I saw, as the hall had been filled with long tables covered in black cloth, all with tealight candles. Salt Rock are a funk-dub group based in Christchurch made up of seven pals doing their thing to the wonderful New Zealand music scene.

When people think of punk, particularly British punk, they tend to focus on the out and out aggression of Sex Pistols and the like and tend to forget that some of the bands had far broader tastes and influences, and such was the case of The Clash. Matthews Aka David Matthews is making his way in New Zealand music with his captivating character of sound and entertainment style. Yes, he trained as a violinist from the age of seven, gradually extending his prowess to include other instruments, most prominently the guitar, and other genres, specifically folk, because the family had a band.

Stepping off stages at Coachella, Peachy Keen and Rhythm and Vines, the DJ and production duo have created a record of sensual experience, bending genre and sound to their will. True, they are very much rooted in the Eighties and their style is also often very Kiwi, but after that they move all over the place.

Mikaela Cougar warmed up the audience with a haunting rendition of Seven Nation Army. Billed as their most personal album to date, Acceptance captures the duo at their most introspective, a response to a world in crisis evoked as nostalgia-inducing reveries and cavernous meditations.

With its hypnotic mystical sound Lizard Prom have produced a 3-song EP that is full of compelling transcendent power. Dilz - Single Review: Resurrection Feat. He is authentic. As I listen to Sarah Valintine's recently released single, Flown Away, I can't help but float off to a lovely place, prompted by a beautiful melody and artfully descriptive lyrics.

From the get go, the song takes me from the mid-winter blues as I write this review to the yearning of a wonderful sun filled summer on its way. Blood And Wires Volume Two combines the talent of 8 talented New Zealand artists united by the idea of an experimental approach to creating music. She has been active since , collaborating with producer Thomas Te Taite to create songs that are genre fluid, but all wrapped around the singer songwriter heart.

Cupid Bar is situated in the foyer of the old Ambassador Theatre, and with the bar on the right-hand side, there is quite a narrow entrance which then opens into a small space where bands can set up. Here we have a number which has been released in the middle of winter, which I am listening to on yet another rainy day in Auckland but is full of the joys of Summer — even if those joys are constrained to being stuck in overheating tin boxes as people make their way out of the city to the beaches or far North.

Equally satirising, paying tribute to and experimenting with the vast array of conventions in popular music, Dirty Company is a bubbling, bright ode to gay desire, exploding with exciting electronic sounds. Not only has this meant there has been a change in personnel but also a move in musical direction, which has seen them embrace the punk end of the indie genre. He in turn introduced me to Linz Eel, a well-known musician who is back in NZ after spending some time overseas, and at the beginning of the week he in turn contacted me to ask would it be possible for me to go and review a young singer-songwriter?

I had been looking forward to this for months, ever since I reviewed the last single by Elidi, Witches Brew. Founders Adrian Win and Timmy Porter are at the heart of the sound, but Runaway involves a larger cast of contributors-notably drummer Rick Cranson. As I sometimes do with reviews, I dived right into this EP before reading about, or even having heard of Bluey Green, and nothing could have been a more fitting description than the wavering, reflective shine of the ocean that the name alone evokes.

The year-old from Rangiora showcases an incredible knack for writing mature lyrics and catchy melodies. What was way more fascinating to me was what came out slightly afterwards, the independent alternative scene, where the only commonality between bands was the DIY ethic. A few months ago, I bumped into Felix Lun at a gig where he was guesting, and while our discussion of course concentrated on the mighty and much-missed Shepherds of Cassini where he played violin , he told me that he and drummer Omar Al-Hashimi were now two thirds of a totally different outfit called Star Control.

Here We Are Still is another assault to the senses. Last year they won the battle of the bands competition, and the prize was a recording session with Dave Rhodes and a video shoot with Francis Wheeler, who was there in the audience tonight.

The track is a road trip anthem produced by Leigh's long-time musical collaborator, Jules Evans. The chorus is simple enough with its straightforward repeated phrase "on a far-king train", delivered in a unique singing style from vocalist Hayden, which is strikingly distinct with a clear enunciated style that makes the track sound super sublime.

This is not a Madonna cover. Recorded with Harry Charles and Morgan Allen at The Depot, this EP does a fantastic job at taking its listener to the poetic realm of a sleepy, nostalgia-filled seaside town like Devonport. He released his debut EP, Ida, in and this is the follow-up. Sam Bartells is closer to alt country than he is to alt folk, and has been studying his craft in Nashville, but like many Kiwis he has been in his home country again for quite some time.

A collaboration between Leo and some of Kiwi's pop greats, Joseph Corban-Banks, Em Basa and Simon Gooding, Conversation sees the year-old stepping out with an incredibly well-thought-out release, one which will undoubtedly see her bringing audiences to their feet in hundreds of summer festivals to come. The album is not due to hit for another few months, so until then we will have to satisfy ourselves with this track which sees the sound moving in a more mature, deeper, and more produced aspect than what we have heard in the past.

Hip-Hop is about being real and it has an honest vibe to it. Since then, I have eagerly been awaiting the release of the album, but until that comes to fruition, we will instead just have to play this single, People. A bold, catchy track about young girls being obsessed with male celebrities, Heart Eyes is sugar coated and sweet, but with an underlying darkness oozing through its cynical lyrics and distorted melodies.

He writes, records, and produces records that are minimal in scope, but intimate through his vocal delivery. I mean, that is almost civilized! Encouragement from her family and friends has seen her blossom into a prolific songwriter inspired by her poetry. This is four years in the making and the ahem timing couldn't be better, released the day after becoming the inaugural winner of the Masked Singer NZ.

It is the second in a series of self-produced works Devine plans to share throughout , setting up an incredibly emotional soundscape for her music. A Kiwi icon, at an iconic venue, with a superstar rock opening act It took me a little while to get it. It is somewhere I always enjoy going to, as not only is the food and beer very good indeed, but there is a good sound and everyone can see.

He released his first single under this name back in November last year, since when he has followed it up with more singles and his debut album Norwegian Pop, which came out in April. Accompanying the release is a four date nationwide tour of Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland and Raglan.

It's funky, groovy and makes you feel good. This was because it was time for Metal Blitz, a band event being held which was planned to run for 10 hours but we all thought was probably going to take longer. From the steadfast sound of the banjo piercing your ears delightful receptacles, to some rather incredibly smooth harmonies backed up by some rasping bass lines.

This means I am in the somewhat unusual position of having heard this song played in concert prior to coming across the recorded version, and it is interesting to hear just how different it is in this setting.

This is a highly polished, highly produced number which sounds as if it has come out of a top American band and studio as opposed to little old Aotearoa. Asaph Street, but whereas last time it was to the 12 Bar, this week it was next door, to Darkroom. Returning from a brief hiatus, her new single Obsessions delivers an otherworldly exploration of her struggle with OCD.

Titled Hell Yeah Nah, it is birthed by the five members of the band and promoted as a work created with the ongoing support of friends and family. The track is a delicate, intricate song that touches on isolation, desire and self-sabotage. This is reminiscent in some ways of classic ballad-style grunge like good Alice In Chains or Soundgarden, with his vocals very much to the fore. When I reviewed the single, I attempted to describe it as possibly Kyuss mixed with Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, and The Darkness and here we have 22 minutes which makes me think that comparison still mostly holds true.

Hailing from art capital Wellington, the three-piece sew elements of modern jazz, vintage rock, polished pop and grounding soul into a sonic tapestry. Midnight is an unusual but not unwelcome match to her intriguing magic and circus-themed branding. A sentiment I can fully endorse. He had kidney transplant surgery in This stable of talent is set to disrupt airwaves and social media with their eclectic sense of style, talent and vision - demonstrated by the group's first release M.

These five degrees of separation, with accompanying videos the final installment — which is on its way might share the same source material but, as always, DateMonthYear founder Trevor Faville twists and shape-shifts with an informed sense of musical invention.

At just 18, the new track Teenage Dreamer from Ryan Farrell is another example of a young artist who had a vision for their sound and delivers on it. This is a 4 track relic-themed project with some darker, heart-felt content. The song is undoubtedly catchy, with a more anthemic structure and sound than their preceding work.

It is a vulnerable collection of songs with a knack for interesting rhythmic and melodic ideas. Then in guitarist Joe Smither returned to Aotearoa after living for a while in Melbourne and made contact again with original singer Jon Churchill who also provides bass which resulted in the third EP, Disturbing The Peace.

Most people tend to think of prog metal as being typified by the likes of Dream Theater or Threshold, but as with many of the sub genres, itself covers a multitude of different styles and Claemus are musically all over the place - truly progressing and blending as opposed to attempting to sound like anyone else. Metanoia is a bit of a mystery in this respect. This is his first new material since the Feet of God collection from I remember then looking at the walls and candelabra, trying not to spill my wine on the posh carpet, wondering what I was doing there.

Removing the loud distorted guitars, drums and big vocals, resulting in a restrained sound consisting of acoustic guitar, strings, percussion and softer vocals. A quick check of the billboard confirmed I was in the right place on the right date, but possibly this was somewhat indicative of the poor weather combined with so many great gigs on tonight.

Their new release is an absolute banger! Beautifully written, lyrics with heart, the composition is top form, and the production sets this song as a potential chart topper. Hummucide - Single Review: Exothermic Feat. It highlighted the quality of the musicianship but felt more like a collection of reigned-in jam sessions than precise compositions. I first came across Emily and her husband in the wonderful folk duo Aro, but here her music is far more dance oriented as she brings in lots of different styles such as soft jazz, RnB, dub, and even a little touch of folk, but always with her wonderful vocals front and centre.

A groove tinged, jazz infused tune about gender identity, the track is a strong introduction to this brand new artist. Last Saturday I was there at yet another gig, and while I was having a chat with one of the musicians a guy came up and joined in.

The only other person involved on this recording is his wife Nicole who provides piano for the first 35 seconds of the nearly 7-minute-long song. This collection of five songs loosely follows through the various stages of a breakup and the significant life changes that happen as part of that such as moving to a new house, moving town, being unable to access certain things, wondering what was going to happen next etc.

I have been looking forward to catching Pencarrow since I came across their debut album Growth In The Absence of Light which was released last year. Metrosideros - EP Review: Var. Their latest EP, Var. Since then, he has also taken up other instruments such as saxophone, piano and bass, and his latest single finds him playing all instruments apart from drums, which are provided by Luke Rodgers.

It's a shame he did not have this EP at hand to use it in his timely philosophical saying. It's an accomplished track - a considered melody and thoughtful vocal arrangements are an early and immediate take-away. Coming from their forthcoming album entitled Re-Release an album that revisits, remixes, remasters, and re-conceptualises their debut album Release for its twentieth anniversary — my review for that is also coming soon! As one of those grateful followers I found myself Engulfed, Enthralled and Enspired!

The duo are both originally from Bangladesh, and only met by chance here in New Zealand, and were soon jamming and trying out different ideas. This is brutal death metal, making for a wonderful attack on the senses. But I must confess to taking it personally if there is a progressive rock band in this part of the world of which I am unaware, given that I have spent more than 30 years singing the praises of the genre and bands within it.

The song tells the tale of a passionate train driver, dutiful and modest, a real working-class man. On the opening track Care, the time signature plays games with you but that is fine because you won't really notice. I knew that voice immediately. Reknaw - Gig Review: Dr.

Reknaw, took to the stage at Anthology Lounge on a wet Friday evening for their only Auckland gig. The verse structure is played a couple of times, before Andrew Murray-Brown begins singing. The Los Angeles-based Kiwi musician, DJ and night club and record label owner has been particularly busy in the last few years with albums and EPs ranging from the chillingly melodious jazz quartet outing Live At The Blue Whale, the steamingly funky club party Church Sessions with various cohorts and the conceptual Heritage I and II, which celebrated his bi-cultural heritage he is half-Japanese.

It is the first release to follow their debut EP Emergency Procedures, released in Reknaw are an eight-piece psychedelic group who happily straddle genres: funk, soul, hip-hop and dub. The Champion brothers had already been in a band together called Elephant Room and loved the idea of picking out an elephant in the room when you are in a room full of elephants, so this time around they used it as an album title.

There's a round of polite applause after their first song, and half way through their second, I start to hear a very 4AD sound; think Cocteau Twins, circa the Iceblink Luck period. Eden has been growing her fanbase with a steady release of singles in between major projects, ever since moving to Los Angeles when she was nineteen. They describe themselves as progressive, but before you start thinking these guys are Genesis or Pink Floyd clones, understand they are talking progressive in its truest sense, which is blending together different styles and types of music into something which refuses to sit sedately within any particular sub-genre and instead goes wherever it leads, being taken on a journey in the same way as the listener.

Pixie was the first wahine Maori vocalist to reach number one on the New Zealand singles chart, with the song Blue Smoke in Six weeks at home allowed for more time spent on passion projects, and an opportunity to spend time with family. Music to this artist is the stepping stone in their life that helped create a sense of new beginning, as well as a sense of hope; being a part of something greater than the past. Through changes in the band line-up and direction in sound, the band has settled on a roster in which there is vision and optimism to invest deeply in their music and visuals.

The last time was for Bowling For Soup, and one of her achievements that night was reducing the average age of the audience, something she did again this evening. We walk awkwardly past them, stepping over potholes and erosion, the concrete being eaten away by weather and heavy vehicles. With two singles firmly under belt, East York continue to go from strength to strength with their creativity and musicality.

Opening with gently strummed chords, and a drum machine, which the drummer synced with well when he came in. It had a huge impact on me, and I described it as having a musical foundation built upon brutal death metal, elements of demented grindcore and bizarre sci-fi tones weaving their way into the complex structures, resulting in an engaging and damaging listening experience.

The band co-writes and produces together, having released their first single Just A Little Bit during lockdown in Auckland, New Zealand. Tape 3 concludes his unique personal project. A strong crowd of fans, comfortably arranged in a theatre style setting waited patiently for this long overdue performance from our favourite sons.

Dimly lit by street lamps, the path held mystery in its stones. The song itself is immediately engaging, but it has proved to only get more interesting the more I listen to and read about it. You might have seen one of his songs with Stormporter on New Zealand music TV or caught one of his shows on tour with Hangar We were going to meet up at Spirit Festival a few weeks back, but thanks to COVID that was postponed, and then I heard they would be playing at another Auckland festival, so I contacted Danni and we agreed Earth Beat was going to be the one.

The vocals are deep, calm and persuasive. Soul Circle - Single Review: Y. The cover credits this release as featuring Moofish and Mphatic, so I really not much the wiser as to who Soul Circle actually are. So the drummer keeps beat, guitars wail and scream, the singer The Book of Angels is an eight-track album including two versions of the final song The Lord Taketh Away that projects the voice of an experienced, mature and considered singer-songwriter.

Sadly, he was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease in , and died in Los Angeles, California, on 24th September , at the age of Would he have kept making music and what would it sound like? Photos 6. Top cast Edit. Najarra Townsend Samantha. Caroline Williams Sam's Mom. Alice Macdonald Alice. Matt Mercer Riley. Katie Stegeman Nikki. Charley Koontz Zain. Simon Barrett BJ. Ruben Pla The Doctor. E-Kan Soong George. Dave Holmes The Therapist. Kaela Crawford The Waitress. Celia Finkelstein Nice Customer 1.

Laura Baggett Nice Customer 2. Chris Candy Random Guy. Dale Stegeman Upset Customer 1. Benjamina Watts Accident Witness 1. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Goofs When Sam returns to the restaurant where she works, she asks her co-worker Jerry at the bar if George the manager is around.

He says "not right now, but I wouldn't stay here too long - he's still pretty upset about the other day. User reviews Review. Top review. Somewhere between good and decent. A satisfactory film. I watched it on Netflix after finding nothing else and came in with low expectations. While I wasn't blown away, I also wasn't disappointed. The main character is really the only developed one. Her dialogue and actions are interesting, but the other characters can simply be ignored.

If you are looking for a movie with a good plot, look elsewhere.

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