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UPDATE – Mixing Light colorist and trainer Robbie Carman has put together an even more detailed primer on LUTS in this recent Mixing Light. Hello my friend! I wish to say that this post is amazing, nice written and come with almost all important infos.

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Benefits of using MacRemover: MacRemover has a friendly and simply interface and even the first-time users can easily operate any unwanted program uninstallation. Download Mac App Remover. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Features : Modifying individual video frames.

Share your work on social networks. Create image with different exposure. Create video slideshows. Facial recognition technology. Create natural-looking images. HTML5-compatible templates. Combine multiple photos with easy. Raw files in panorama images.

At least with the Creative Cloud, I have a chance to make money with my creations. Let your voice be heard through your purchases. If the price is an issue, maybe you can re-examine your spending habits. How much do you spend on coffee everyday? Same with dining out. Again, these things will never help you earn a dime. The creative cloud is a tool. I can see renting an online application. You know…one that relies on cloud servers to run. I dont know what the hell this DRM software licensing is all about.

I hopped on the Creative Cloud wagon before the CC suite came out. Suits me and my business model. Sadly enough in nowadays society having a grown up argument more then often ends up in a fight. Simply listening and giving a counterargument, it seems, is not political correct anymore. It seems to be normal that we yell at eachother and defend our position to the last stand. Have a look at american politics!

Or any other country for that matter! Now, I disagree with you on a couple of things about CC, but those things have been said before. I actually salute you for throwingn this off your chest. Now that is the truth Raymond, well said! How people can treat each other with such disrespect is beyond me. By the way Adobe photoshop is just such an incredible programme and hats off to their creative team.

Haters gonna hate. But, I am a retired person, living on Social Security and a small pension. My monthly expenses are more than the two combined, so each month I have to dip into the savings. I do hope the savings last longer than I do. I agree with everything you wrote, but the fact you felt you had to write this saddens me.

I am a photography enthusiast but buying the full PS has always just felt a little too much for me. It has many tools I feel I would like to use on post, but I just cannot convince myself that I would use it often enough to justify the cost. I am still undecided if CC has made the most more or less justifiable. I also do not like the idea that should I stop paying I would loose access to any psd file, although LR reads them so maybe it is not a big deal.

But this is Adobes choice and I just need to decide if it works for me, why other have to vent anger at those it does work for is beyond me. I would hope that your integrity would be that you would still only publish opinion you agree with. I did the same back when apple first made the white iBook I think.

I was given one with the understanding that I would write about my experience. Thank you for that well considered response you make a number of very good points for some of the features of Creative Cloud and Adobes approach. The other would be a lower price point where the end user has o continue to pay to use Photoshop etc.

Unfortunately for me as a part time amateur photographer, the CC offering is sadly not quite there yet. When people reach payment milestones, they should be locked into that current version. After that, the choice is theirs to keep paying for new features or stay put.

If at some point they jump off the monthly wagon and later want to upgrade for the latest and greatest, they would need to pay for the payments they missed. I do have one little bone to pick with the above, and that is about the software checking in with Adobe. On MY emphasis on MY because it may not be the same on anybody elses installation of CC, every time I open up any of the CC programs it is checking in with the mother ship.

If I click on cancel, the program does not open. That is not once a month, nor once a week, not even once a day. It is every single time that I open any of the CC programs. And I have the full line up not just Photoshop, because not only do I have a photography studio, but also run a graphic design business.

That would be cool IF, I had it installed on too many machines, but I have one desktop that I use all of the time, and one lap top that I have it installed on just in case I need to take it to a client, but never actually do work on. Hi Dave, I think it might be just your machine installation. I have the cloud shut off most of the time and I can operate photoshop cc with no problem. I read in the forum that you do have to check in periodically, but not every day.

You might contact Support and have them reset you and reinstall CC. I just tried it. Worked perfectly. I run a photolab — and the software we use to receive orders has only ever been in this for — though thousands of dollars a year. However, unlike Adobe, we are charged exactly the same amount as a US based company — though we are in the UK. Adobe are very naughtly they are not the only one! I have been an Adobe subscriber since last year — I like the way it works — AND I can run a copy on a Mac and one on a PC — you could never do that on a physical copy — so for me its much cheaper!

They argue its for local support. I noticed when upgrading lightroom the other day that because Adobe UK is actually based in the Republic of Ireland that we have to pay the Irish VAT rate which is higher than the UK because the download comes from Ireland.

Another way of extracting more money from the non-US user base. Great post Scott. I am not moving to creative cloud. I have PS6 and quite happy with it. I do most of my work in Lightroom just bought version 5. I have no real need for the new version of Photoshop. But sit down please you will not see me flaming Adobe, you, or anyone else over this issue. However, if you bashed CC I just may have to post something about you being on the take from the Apple Aperture team.

Be thankful Scott, you have posts more lovers and customers than haters who last bought from you in Well said! I am an advanced amateur photography enthusiast. It is my hobby. Photoshop 2. That said, I cannot justify the new model for my personal use. I will not spend any more money on Adobe products — either Lightroom or PS Elements — how long until Adobe decides that these belong in the cloud?

OnOne Software is a wonderful alternative for an amateur photographer. They do produce great software that both integrates and can work alone. And there are many other tools out there. CC just opens the door to alternatives. Haters gonna Hate. They always find something to go off about. Hell if Adobe want to pay me for a good review I be in it but have said that I would not need to be pay by then to say how great Photoshop is.

You are sitting in an untenable position. On one hand your bread and butter is on training for Adobe PS but on the other hand do not control Adobe corporate direction. Years ago I did not walk to and from school 2 miles uphill both ways, but software was free or close to it. Fast forward if a software company wants to ensure a revenue stream which is both consistent and measurable the rental model is the way to go for them. Going forward, I am hoping that Lightroom stays as it is. I know this is a bit long winded but just to make it even more so.

More work but a possibility to expand your influence especially since I read in the comments that someone was dropping their NAPP membership since they do not use PS anymore. The last point is that Google normally has a good pulse on things. They bought Nik Software, they have a simplistic package called Picasa that does facial recognition.

If Adobe pushes too hard bring Lightroom into the subscription only arena , they might just put some effort in the photography market and push their products. Perhaps they might see something like having companies pay them to be included in some type of print modules as a pretty good revenue stream for their work and be able to keep the consumer buy in cost low.

I currently have CS6. Once I found out from Matt K. However, I will continue with CC for the year and see how I like it. You know, this country is just full of folks who think everything is owed to them, and they are always angry about something.

Thanks again for all you do for us! And, apparently if you write a favorable review, you get a couple months free. It must be true, I read it in a forum comment. I used Photoshop 7 for years before I upgraded to CS 5 and that was given to me as a gift from my son. As soon as I think the new PS CC will benefit me then I will change, until then I rather focus my energy on getting new clients and building a career.

It seems that Adobe is content in splitting their customer base in two. For those of us who have full time jobs in other fields, Adobe products have always been elective and discretionary. And that led to other purchases that were elective and discretionary. I do think Adobe has misjudged the halo effect caused by us amateurs who love technology. The bloom is now off the rose. But nothing can happen if no one speaks out against those things they see as bad decisions true, on both sides.

Most of the focus all? Since Adobe is content to encourage us amateurs to split off from their products I wonder if NAPP will broaden to incorporate us? I love this post Scott. As I read it I sensed both your frustration and enthusiasm for Creative Cloud. Obviously this is a challenging and exciting time at Adobe! I can only add that the Creative Cloud message from Adobe leadership is a commitment to quickly and consistently add more value to CC. Breaking the cycle of annual updates and moving to release-as-developed updates is exciting!

Adobe believes that more and more Creatives will bring Creative Cloud into their workflow as they see this consistent stream of value pouring into our product s. As you stated in your post, the growing number of subscribers indicates we are beginning to make progress in showing CC value. Take any position on anything and the dogs all come out. Takes away too much time from working on my images. I feel more and more software companies employ this strategy moving forward.

Haters usually come out in droves when the mention of iAnything, Jesus, or in the South your favorite football team comes up. The fact is, the better something is, the more reasons people look for not to like it. Scott, I totally agree with your points. How about a buyout price to stop at where I am?

A lump sum payment so sort of buyout my contract. Almost like buying out a car lease at the end of the term. Outstanding post, Scott. I love Lightroom too and use it daily. That said, I agree with you. Scott … without a doubt the arguments against … or for CC should be based upon logic and not emotion. Suffice it to say, that to feel vindicated because Adobe has , CC subscribers to date is of little meaning when you consider they had over 12 million traditional customers prior to the introduction of CC … in fact they sold 4.

Remember, those who purchased CS6 products had to be using CS5 or 5. Well said, BillBob. Thank you for making a well constructed counterargument. Unlike the reasonable points you raised, name calling does nothing to further the discussion. Yeah like that makes total sense — no way. The fair comparison will take place when we have 15 years of CC subscriber data to compare against the old model. No, my argument is … when customers were offered a choice between the CC option and the traditional perpetual license … they overwhelmingly chose the latter.

Even now with no choice to move forward to receive new features other than CC … Adobe themselves think it will take years to match the sales units of single year for CS6 Suite adoption. So your argument just got weaker. If Adobe only needs years to match what it took 15 to do under the old system seems like a home run to me. You seem to feel compelled to argue with my offering rather than answering the question I posed ….

What is holding those other 7. BillBob you seem to feel that you are entitled to frame the discussion in a way that is biased toward the result you seek — i. Adobe has sold hundreds of thousands of CC subs in a few months. Brand new business model being adopted at a rate that surpasses their original goals. Have a nice day. Yes, Mr. Bourne … you seem to be the unequivocal resident expert in fairness.

However, I am not seeking to bash neither Adobe or Mr. The sun will rise tomorrow regardless of how I feel about either. Your assertion that it took 15 years to attain 4. Read your own post. Like I said in the beginning. I think the answer if fairly simple, actually. I would do this even if I thought the subscription plan was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It was the same software with all the goodness of CC … why did so many more Adobe users choose to wait to make the jump to CC? The fair comparison would be a choice which is no longer available. For those who use multiple products the CC model has value; however, for those who only use PS — not so much. Scott is right in that the customers will decide.

Unfortunately there are those photographers who will feel that they have no choice and pay up. Adobe is free to choose their business model just as I am free to choose how to spend my money. Please, sir, do not put words into my mouth. I do not advocate for a lack of fairness, I recognize that life is inherently unfair. As a nurse with over 25 years of Emergency Medical experience, I hope you never experience some of the things I have seen. A petty part of me would like to see you experience enough to burst your bubble of pomposity.

You, sir, appear to be what Scott wrote this blog post about. If someone says anything negative about the Creative Cloud, you attack; as evidenced by your responses to my comment as well as others. I will jump in here. Bill you are comparing the CC to all of the tragedies in life is wrong. This venom is just ridiculous. Bill thank you for your for all you have done as a nurse. It takes a very special person to do what you do.

Please leave the comparisons of the two out of this. No, sir, I am not. The haters are those who act as though it is a tragedy. It was Mr Bourne who brought up the issue of fairness. Please do not tell me what to do. All Scott Bourne is doing is acting on the message of your intended venom.

Life sir is not fair. I have randomly asked myself how can one afford liscence products at That adds up to be less. No one is telling you what to do here Bill I just think the way you compared CC to a tragedy is disgusting. As far as jumping a conversation I will when I am on a public blog like this. Pull out your CS3 while the rest if us enjoy the upgrades. Maybe you should just stick with a point a shoot. Well said Scott. This Bill is a huge hater on CC.

I will gladly engage him in this conversation. CC is a great idea. I would not be able to afford and work in the latest and greatest Photoshop without the CC. Photography is t cheap these days. No one has ever said it would be. Thanks to Adobe I am now able to enjoy their flagship product.

Still waiting. This Bill started with Photoshop 2. Currently there is no benefit for me to enroll in the CC. Subscriptions suit some people. There should be a choice. Having no choice is bad for the customers and good for Adobe. Have you seen how weak the new features in Illustrator CC are?

The improvements to Photoshop and Indesign are mainly not so much innovations as things that are long overdue e. Probably, the work began and the budgets were signed off before CS7 was axed. When Adobe introduced the option of subscribing, I thought it was a great move. Legit complaints by long-time members and others on limited budgets are entitled to their views being heard.

Hopefully, Adobe will take note of the barrage of backlash. I also believe that many of the complaints were directed at Adobe and not Scott. Dan Margulis in his blog, just recently, alluded to the torrent of complaints and felt that the current rental for PS is too steep in a reply to one of his readers. I think Adobe may re-think its policy and perhaps come up with a reasonable compromise toward the significant number of us who have made complaints.

When it was available then, there were expectations that Adobe would be releasing CS7, CS8 and so forth. I really think their marketing department dropped the ball in a huge manner in presenting CC which added fuel to the fire unnecessarily. In the old CC model, it was more of a rental vs buying or a cheaper way to get in for newbies. The old model did not see any additional updates to the CC over that period unlike what they plan to do now that they have no perpetual license.

If they offered a choice between getting constant upgrades in CC or waiting until the next CS version for the upgrades, you might see a shift in those numbers a bit. They will have to listen and make changes regardless. And hopefully do a better job of communicating. As it is, Adobe is faced with either spending considerable time and effort mending fences … or consider the folks who are less than pleased with CC currently as a loss they are willing to accept.

Kelby, in his closing comment of this blog posting mentioned he is eagerly awaiting the nest iteration of the iPhone. Likewise, one should never be forced to buy a particular software because it is the only option … but because it is the best option for their needs. Yes, you can still make some comparisons. There are still a lot of unknowns. In fact, the current model is dependant on Adobe backing themselves up on major updates a year as they have said will happen.

But its funny that you mention learning from Apple. Because they are actually doing what Apple does quite often. They are dropping a item and making changes before everyone else does even if customers become unhappy. Apple has a history of doing it and just did it again with the Mac Pro …and they seem to be doing just fine. I fully understand your point.

Unless I was mistaken, I took it to mean the rate at which users upgraded upon the date of release. It took me over a year after CS4 was released before I got on that. I have read this blog for several years and have some observations. I liked them. You may like them, or they may not be for you. Have a good day. These people will suck the life out of anything. Some of their responses will be:.

Another elitist telling us what to eat. He must be part of a Brussels sprouts cartel. Time to boycott vegetables. They will back Scott up no matter what. And a tour? Are you coming to my city? There is another group. Maybe I will try them or maybe not. At least now I know they exist. No need to post either for or against. I think I will get on with my life now. I look forward to your discussions on the new features. I for one would much rather hear about that than the tiring discussions from the haters.

Well said Scott, CC is the best thing happened to us. The cost is less then most people spend on lunch a week. If we get CC for photographers it nay be even better but I may still use full CC to learn new stuff, its better then spending time in front of tv. What an awesome post by you Scott.

There are always haters and people who love to take others down. Please be duck like, water off your back. You are an inspiration and a source of amazing information to many more than the others. Scott, you are spot-on with your comments! Well said once again. You license them! It means more revenue for you!

And it protects your intellectual property. Love the upgrades! My additional cost? So do the math. Again, thanks Scott! I cant see that in my options box? Perhaps you could post the link. However, no perpetual licence is again a big problem for a lot not all, dont get me wrong! Sites have access to my images for a monthly fee. The one big difference?

When the client stops paying they can still use the images that they have and thats one thing not on CC. BTW, if your client is licensing your images and they stop paying, then they do not — or should not—have the rights to keep using your images. If they keep using them you have a right to be compensated. Everyone has an opinion whether well thought out or not. The internet allows them to vent that opinion whether anyone agrees or not. John Nack over at Adobe was thinking about giving up his blog for that very reason.

I am discovering other enhancements as I go along. The LR5 picked up the newer CC install as well as all the plugins and addons. Adobe: at least you can ask if the installer wants to keep PS plugins and addons. I have to maintain a budget as a retiree with a high mainteneance medium really wife.

And to Scott: when the haters start to get you down, plan the next vacation and look at the last line on the bank statement. Brilliant post Scott.. Subscribing to Creative Cloud is far cheaper for me than to buy the Creative Suite outright. Here in Australia it worked out it was cheaper to fly halfway around the world to the USA, walk into a store and buy a boxed copy of the Creative Suite..

Going to be in Orlando and Sarasota on family vacation next week. Hoping to catch some great 4 of July celebrations on the beach. I still love you Scott!! Glad you can blow past all of the naysaying crap! Scott, Agree with you. Now I think you should go back to doing what you do best, Teaching Photoshop and light room and creating great videos like the one you just created on sports. Change is hard for some. Consumers speak with their wallets, like it or not.

Kudos on a good post. Personally I was disappointed by the cloud announcement but I can understand the business reasons behind it. It is I think not cost effective to an amateur like me who would not be using it everyday. I had CS4 and was considering an upgrade, so I signed up for a summer course to get the academic discount while I could still get the hard copy DVD.

Different schools and vendors have different deals, so I shopped around and the cost of the course plus the software. Good stuff, Scott. Keep up the good work, there are people that look up to you! First off, I support Scott for reporting what Adobe is doing.

Somewhere in the middle is reality and common sense. All the upgrades and updates needed. Way to go Scott, totally agree with you. There would only be enthusiasts who agree to disagree. So expect cynicism to rule the day for some time to come. Thanks Scott. Well said. Great summary. There are too many negative reactive comments. The small monthly payment is a no brainier. Consider the cost if you were to upgrade when every new version was released!

Good, clarifying points. Nicely done, Scott! I love it! Good one Scott — ban the trolls and save the rest of us from having to listen to people who are stuck on stupid. If there is one thing Scott Kelby and the people at the Kelby Group have is integrity which is something you yourself seem to be sorely lacking today. Scott, that probably felt good, but I think someone in your position, running a terrific business and employing lots of talented people, should avoid the snark. When otherwise neutral people see you acting snarky, there is a real risk that your business will erode further.

No mistake, Jeremy and Scott are both being snarky. But Scott is the one who gains the most by acting professionally and is the one I would like to continue to thrive in his business, hence my observation. I could care less what Jeremy does with his life. I guess I come from a different school of thought on how to interface with my clients. You are the person whose name is on the moniker. This system keep being equated to buying the whole program outright.

I am trying the 1 year at the discounted price but really hope you are right that they are looking at doing something for the Photographers out there who dont need the entire CC. You must have a thick skin Scott. Or the patience of a saint. I really want to say thank you for all the insight and tips you give away, plus the time you take to address these things. I actually like the subscription mod and the ease of downloading the software on demand. But, to each their own.

Thanks for all you do Scott. I subscribe to the Photoshop only plan. First of all we are not professional, we have other works and photography and visuals are an hobby. For us creative cloud is the best thing adobe could do. We never have the possibility to do this with perpetual license ….

And by the way we have had the possibility to learn Illustrator, InDesign or the DPS… my wife is learning Edge Animate … we are not scare about learning … and we hope some day to be really professional … Sorry for my english. Guido Italy. That would work nicely for me. One of the things that the haters and complainers seem to miss ignore?

At the same time they made it much better. Man, was that ever greedy. And you can still license it just like always. And then of course there is PS Elements. The average photographer probably uses less than half the capabilities of the Photoshop CC but hey, we like the cache of saying we use the bestest, most powerful software out there.

Get over it. I think a lot of us are not worried about today. A lot of us who have been in business for a long time and rely on this software are worried about 3 years from now. We were on a skip-one upgrade model. All this does is tell me that the market is about to open up. With our luck Microsoft will actually pick up adobe in a few years. I hate the idea of renting software just about as much as most photography clients hate the idea of non-perpetual licensing agreements.

Which way is the world going? Microsoft and the X-Box just learned a very important lesson. Adobe just needs one solid competitor to teach them the same thing. I wrote to Steve Jobs when the Microsoft purchase rumors floated a few years back; he ignored that part of my question and responded to a different part. I doubt Apple would buy them — though they did buy Logic.

They seem more inclined to make a better cheaper version than buy a canned solution. That is actually one of my concerns with the CC model is that it makes it a more desirable target for takeover. I doubt that will happen.

Apple is a consumer company and places the bulk of its attention on the consumer market. Plenty of professionals and advanced amateurs use Apple gear. The new Mac Pro will certainly catch some attention. Adobe is a company in the professional software market, even though it provides some consumer software. Also, Adobe creates a great deal of software in the Windows market. These two organizations have different primary agendas and core customers.

I doubt it would be a good fit for either. Some people are hired by companies to do that. Most recently Samsung was outed for hiring college students to trash HTC products. But no one seems to focus on the real issue: defining value. I would be interested in a discussion about which groups of users will find value in this new model. Who knows, I may be saving a lot of money in the future…. Lots of good stuff, as usual, from Scott. Many years ago, I was attending a seminar on psychology.

Posts like this is exactly why I love you Scott. But wow.. For some people the Creative Cloud is all that they want i can see a lot of positive things for the subscribtion but its not all positive. Also i compared the plans for full CC if i had done for one program only its 10 dollars or 12,99 euro thats for European people 16 dollars or 7,20 euro.

If you read it it becomes clear that European customers pay far more then US people. I almost think this blog post is unnecessary. I think it would be good for Adobe to finally have a little competition. It works wonders for innovation. He works with them directly…he helps in one way or another to promote and sell their products. You can not have an objective opinion of a product when you are in a situation like that. Go for it. TC, you make valid points. I, too, realize that Adobe has a significant monopoly on popular pre- and post-processing apps and can take the company in any direction it wants.

I have a feeling that Adobe is aiming future product development toward large firms and mid-size companies who employ graphic artists and the like who use a variety of the apps. For them, renting is a viable option because I am sure they can deduct a portion of the rental fees as an operating expense.

Nothing wrong with that. Nor is there anything wrong with current Adobe users making their views known, positive or negative. Such feedback is probably welcomed by Adobe because if it is sincere in delivering customer satisfaction, it needs to know what a significant portion of its users are feeling.

He may have mistakenly thought he was the target because the barrage of vitriol was so loud it may have felt NAPP headquarters was under attack rather than Adobe. I hope all of us will get results in the near future that can placate the needs of all current and future Adobe users in a satisfactory compromise. Well you missed a lot in the post Scott was talking about.

There were quite a few personal attacks in their. Apple appeals to almost no one now. They gave up on the pro years ago. The new Mac Pro is a sad attempt at trying to help Intel peddle more Thunderbolt addons to recoup the cost of development. Soldered on parts, no expansion.. Scott Spot on and well said : I am not getting paid by adobe to say this but I love CC and looking forward to the new features in the future!

Anyway, that would be ideal! Scott, worked in the newspaper biz for years. I was always getting bitched at for stories I had nothing to do with and ran years past. I hear ya! There are just those kinds out there. Looking forward to your new LR5book. Remember when they mentioned CC and the entire crowed booed? Just sayin that is how a lot of folks feel. This was an Adobe event right? When the crowd of boo maybe they should pay attention.

You made me crack up and I guess you would be talking to me on that one. Keep up the great work and providing the latest updates to software and equipment. Way to get this off your chest…now you can move on and promote the great features Adobe CC provides…. Bear in mind, I definitely did not see any value for me as a photographer using only Photoshop and Lightroom. That left me with a few options. The latter won out. By evaluating my wants and needs, I found that I could now see more value in Adobe CC than viewing it only as a photographer who needed two tools.

Something else came to mind. My blogs are small businesses and I write about topics in photography. The blog is profitable and this is now the cost of doing business. A little change in perspective can be quite illuminating. Better to let someone else be the first kid on the block to deal with any bugs. Thanks for the comment William — you make a lot of great points. So far PSCC seems pretty stable on my machine knock on wood.

I know that support people are present, but it used to be better in my view. To be honest, up until this whole fiasco, I thought you were paid by Adobe, whether it be a salary or some other perk. No, not one of those who keeps calling you out or hates on you because they disagree with you. But I do have to disagree with you on one major point. You say that if you skip buying Adobe products, then you are no longer a loyal customer. You use Best Buy and Exxon customers as analogies.

Well, let me add another take. You are 16 and buy a new car. You go with a Toyota and for the next 30 years, all you buy are Toyotas. How long after you buy something are you no longer a customer? And to expand further — you bought a Toyota at 16 and for the next 30 years, all you buy are Toyotas. Is this person really a disloyal customer?

Does it really make sense to blame them for the new cars not being worth their money? Or is it the company in this example that is failing to listen to its customers? Many of the responses here seemed canned, planned and feel like propaganda. The human marketing machine known as Terry White, an employee of Adobe, is obviously going to support his employer.

Terry, honestly, I dont think people have a problem with CC in itself, I think most people, and the posters here, have two major concerns going forward, 1 The cost and 2 No perpetual licence. Even if Adobe keep it at that level after the first year, having your tools stop when you stop the monthly commitment is not for me. If we have clarity on that issue I think it will be much easier for people to see how many people just genuinely love CC. Bloggers already must disclose freebies and testimonials.

I was thinking you were referring to blog posters in general. Hi Terry, I always appreciate your websites and vids. I agree that it seems skewed somehow. But as I noted separately, perhaps it is because those who were turned off of the dialogue have tuned out, leaving only the diehard fans behind. And I think that Scott and his followers have gone into a defensive crouch, and it comes off as a little shrill to those watching from the sidelines, like me. A shockingly high proportion of the internet are idiots who love to demonstrate their complete lack of technical and social understanding by writing ill-informed comments so they can share the badly thought out ideas with the world.

Surely the best response to these people is to not give them the satisfaction of a response. Hey Scott- It is nice to see that you are not swayed by all the negativity. Keep on keeping on! BTW- Jeremey can send me his subscription, I will take it! Good article Scott. Why would you complain?

Go get Instagram, its free. A month of subscription is not available, so why do you keep pushing that price point? Stop trying to spin the price point. No, because you have to sign up for the whole period! The implication of that phrase is that you can buy a months worth. Not everyone pays MSRP. And most people posting here already have a copy so talking only about first time users is a little disingenuous.

And to be clear, there are no free upgrades. If they are not paying the MSRP, what are they paying? What is their discount? How are they getting it? I have a copy of the CS4 creative suite. It would still be cheaper to upgrade to CC over the course of 5 years as you put it. To bottom line it- it has to be a business decision, where you choose to allocate your money and when you allocate it. If you just got CS6- six months ago, it would be a foolish business decision to jump to the CC version.

The same argument could be said for buying a new camera every time the latest version comes out. It is a business decision how you choose to make money. Adobe chose this route. You choose your route. Keep in mind, these are Professional tools for Professional uses. The idea is to make money using them. At the end of the day, there seems to be a large group of people that just want to argue.

They will never be satisfied. They will never be happy. Who declares it professional software? Is it only because a lot of people who charge money use it? If so, then a lot of freeware must also be professional software. Again it comes down to value. And not every user of Photoshop here is a business user who can pass along the increased costs.

Is it wrong for people to protest a price increase and for many it is? After all, price increases are what sparked many a war in history. Or, make everyone agree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That IS free. I have money to make so I must move on from this discussion. Otherwise, I will get bogged down in the endless abyss that is comment threads. I do think from time to time you play the self pity card a bit, but had never wanted to comment before.

Did you really have time to write this extensive post just because of comments on another forum altogether? If these comments really do bother you, seems like it would be better to just ignore and not respond at all, no? I actually felt you were taking the right approach by letting this all die down, although I do appreciate how natural it would be for someone attacked in an unreasonable way to lash out at their attackers.

It may feel good to punch out a few people, but the satisfaction will be fleeting, and in the meantime, you will have lowered yourself in the eyes of many watching from the sidelines. Thank you Scott. That was awesome. Because obviously, Kelby Training must be paying me to say that. Well said, Scott!

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