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While partying, drinking, and taking drugs, they are arrested, only to be bailed out by a drug and arms Read all Four college girls hold up a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. While partying, drinking, and taking drugs, they are arrested, only to be bailed out by a drug and arms dealer.

Faith : Hi grandma. Having so much fun here. This place I am starting to think this is the most spiritful place I've ever been. I think we found ourselves here. We finally got to see some other parts of the world. We saw some beautiful things here. God, I can't believe how many new friends we made. Friends from all over the place. I mean everyone was so sweet here. So warm and friendly. We' It's way more than just having a good time. God, it's so nice to get a break from my auntie for a little while.

We'll always remember this trip. I wanna go back again next year with you. Something so amazing, magical. Something so beautiful. Feels as if the world is perfect. Like it's never gonna end. Sign In. Spring Breakers R R 1h 34m. Play trailer Crime Drama Thriller.

Director Harmony Korine. Harmony Korine. Top credits Director Harmony Korine. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Red Band Version. Version 1. Clip A Guide to the Films of Harmony Korine. Photos Top cast Edit. Vanessa Hudgens Candy as Candy. Selena Gomez Faith as Faith. Ashley Benson Brit as Brit.

Rachel Korine Cotty as Cotty. James Franco Alien as Alien. Gucci Mane Archie as Archie. Heather Morris Bess as Bess. What he sees is not reassuring. Stopped at a red light, Colvin is incredulous when a young dealer pops his head in the car window and offers to sell the Major some heroin. With friend and partner in crime Kimmy, the two con their way into a Barksdale stash house, and in a heist that's almost too easy, make off with the drugs and the cash.

Avon is philosophical when he learns that the Towers are gone. No threats. Indeed, when Barksdale's drug crews fan out to new territory, pitching their scheme, they encounter a fair amount of skepticism from mid-level dealers. When Marlo finally shows up and Bodie approaches him, Marlo brushes him off.

What they see is not convincing, and McNulty suspects 'DAngelo was murdered. Later, he pays a visit to Donette, fishing for clues as to who might have taken 'DAngelo out. Donette is openly hostile to him. Giving in, Burrell tells Carcetti he's having trouble getting out-of-service squad cars back on the street, which means beats on every shift go uncovered. Burrell reveals to the Councilman that in spite of the fact that 70 cops are retiring by year's end, the Mayor has cancelled the Academy Class in which new recruits are inducted.

Cause I know that money was in the budget. Confident that his pit bull will win the match with a dog owned by the dealer Dazz, Cheese's cocky demeanor turns to shock as his dog goes down quickly. Cheese then shoots his dog rather than give him medical help, and grows even angrier when another dealer, Triage, points out a red rag on the floor that Dazz rubbed down his dog with before the match.

Implying that some chemical may have been on the rag, Triage suggests that Cheese was gamed. All of a sudden, this case has legs. McNulty argues that the arrests will force them to reveal the tap's existence, and pushes Daniels to be patient to see what else the wire will bring. Cheese is arrested, nevertheless, and when Bunk and McNulty sweat him for details, their error finally becomes apparent. The only thing Cheese has killed is his dog.

Bunk and McNulty are appalled at the mistake. And sure enough, the wire soon goes silent, and gloom overtakes the Detail. She ignores him, and after he leaves, Pearlman goes home with Daniels instead. One night when Greggs comes in late, the house is a wreck and Cheryl is asleep on their bed with the baby. Greggs heads back out into the night, visiting a lesbian bar.

Colvin sits bolt upright when he learns the news in the middle of the night. Carver, who sent Dozerman out solo, is wracked with guilt. I shoulda teamed him. I fucked up. After Colvin visits the crime scene, he unburdens himself over a cup of coffee with a deacon from his church. Because my shot cop didn't die. And it hit me This is what makes a good night on my watch: absence of a negative. But somewhere back in the '50s, there was a small moment of goddamn genius by some nameless smokehound who comes out of a cut-rate one day and on his way to the corner, slips that just-bought pint of elderberry into a paper bag.

A great moment of civic compromise. That small wrinkled-ass paper bag allowed the corner boys to drink in peace while giving us permission to go do police work. Until now. After being raked over the coals in front of his peers, Major Marvin Taylor, the Eastern District Commander, is further humiliated as Burrell publicly relieves him of his duties and names Taylor's second in command to replace him.

But when they return later to pull off the heist, things go terribly wrong. Barksdale soldiers in another part of the house are alerted to the robbery and open fire. In the fierce shootout that follows, Tosha is shot in the head and killed, accidentally by Dante, and one of Barksdale's team is killed. Bell is furious when he learns that Omar is still intent on pursuing revenge.

He also reveals that he sold Dozerman's gun to a street punk named Peanut. Landsman orders Bunk to recover the gun, as a matter of principle. He explains to Bell that the cops believed Cheese was talking about killing a person when in fact he was talking about having killed his dog.

Carcetti then calls Burrell to let him know he'll be getting a call from the reporter, and Burrell is furious. Calming the Commissioner down, Carcetti urges Burrell simply to inform the Mayor that someone has leaked the information to the press. Later, when Burrell meets with Mayor Royce, the Mayor is indeed annoyed about the leak and tells Burrell that he must take the heat when the story goes public.

That way the Mayor can step in and announce that there will in fact be an academy class, and he'll look like the hero. Burrell is none too happy about this, but in the end, as Carcetti reminds him, the goal of reinstating the academy class, is in fact, achieved. Greggs complains loudly that all the work they've put in on Bell and Prop Joe will go to waste, but Daniels is firm.

The biggest priority is bringing down the murder rate. At the prison, McNulty puts the belt around his neck that 'DAngelo used, but finds it won't tighten properly when he simulates the suicide, proving to him that 'DAngelo was murdered. And they know you're police when they move in. And they know you're police when they decide to start a family with you. And all that shit is just fine until one day it ain't no more. One day, it's 'You should have a regular job.

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke. It's Baltimore gentlemen, the gods will not save you. Fruit explains that the Barksdale dealers have taken up residence on his block and are stealing customers. Marlo tells him to do something about it. She's married, drives a nice car and teaches school in another part of town. She is less than thrilled to see Cutty, a face from her past, but she is civil to him and even offers to introduce him to a friend who might help Cutty find a decent job.

The idea is to warn the street level dealers that they can continue to sell drugs, but they must limit their activities to one of three areas of the city full of abandoned buildings. As long as they confine their dealing to these areas, the cops will let them be. But if they don't get with the program, they will be arrested and rearrested until they get the picture.

The cops are outraged by the proposal, which in effect sanctions the illegal activity. Once we have them all comfortable, and all rounded up, once they've been there a bit and get used to putting their feet up, playing with the remote, then we move. Then we go back to being police. Look at it this way, gentlemen: would you rather shoot at fish in the ocean?

Or gather 'em all up in a few small barrels and start emptying your clips then? Spotting an attractive woman, he sends his family home and makes a move, later ending up in the woman's room. With Cole lying in state on a pool table, amidst much revelry and maudlin toasts, the cops bid him farewell. He put down some good cases and he dogged a few bad ones. But the motherfucker had his moments. Yes, he fucking did. The place is crawling with Barksdale soldiers, hoping Omar shows his face.

Omar mourns from across the street, hidden in the shadows, smoking a cigarette. West Baltimore residents get surprising straight talk at a community meeting from Major Colvin. Bubbles finds gainful employment; Stringer lunches uptown; and Bunk dangles the promise of immunity to a group of corner boys, in exchange for help. Greggs learns how Marlo takes care of business as Bubbles instructs her on the next big thing: disposable cell phones.

Frustrated in his grass-roots reform efforts, Colvin arms himself with intelligence from Daniels's detail and personally delivers a message to the next level of corner management. McNulty sees Stringer Bell's legitimate business dealings as a sign that he is now unreachable as a drug target. Bubbles shakes the tree for Johnny one more time.

Stringer Bell gets an education in construction management; Bunk uses shoe-leather to catch up with Omar and deliver a searing message; a frustrated Colvin unleashes the troops on the corner boys, ignoring his new edict; Avon sends Cutty and Slim Charles against Marlo; Bubbles refocuses the picture for Greggs.

Herc discovers a blast from the past, which he belatedly reveals to his ex-colleagues. Daniels blows a gasket over the real reason the detail was reassigned from an investigation in Pimlico to the Western District. Stringer Bell learns from Donette that she's told Brianna about McNulty's visit and that Brianna is likely to talk to him.

With Amsterdam running full-tilt, Carver and Truck discover there really is no honor among thieves. Prez impresses the detail with what he's found out from Bodie's cell phone, information that sends McNulty and Greggs on a road trip. Colvin sees the benefits of his plan working but has overlooked the human toll, until the Deacon points out the deficiencies. Responding to an officer's call for help, McNulty and Prez turn down the wrong alley, with unanticipated results.

A Barksdale crew violates the unspoken Sunday truce with gunplay, increasing discontent among the New Day Co-op members. Stymied in his effort to open a gym, Cutty is surprised to find help from within Baltimore's power structure. Brother Mouzone returns to Baltimore on a mission of revenge and casts a wide net in his search for Omar, who has his own plan. Colvin manages, for now, to put off a 'Sun' reporter inquiring about Amsterdam.

Carver learns how much he doesn't know about good policing, while Pearlman and Daniels plead their case for a new kind of wiretap to Judge Phelan. The wire begins to yield information about the Barksdale organization, though finding links to the top proves elusive. Stringer and Avon reflect on how far they've come, with each harboring plans for the future. Tipped by Burrell, Carcetti sees Amsterdam for himself and weighs the benefits against the political reality.

In the Season Three finale, a reticent Avon readies his troops for a war against Marlo. Meanwhile, as the detail works towards the top rungs of the Barksdale organization, McNulty reassesses his pursuit of Stringer Bell and the path he's chosen for himself. While Royce continues to grapple with Amsterdam, Burrell offers a deal to minimize the fallout. Freamon, for his part, is mildly disappointed in their target: Marlo Stanfield hasn't turned out to be as sharp or as fierce as they thought - no bodies that would suggest violence can be traced to the drug organization, and the group's liberal use of cellphones means that eventually, it will be relatively simple to build a conspiracy case.

Marlo, Freamon reasons, is no Avon Barksdale. Nonetheless, they want another 30 days on the taps, as well as subpoenas for documents - the latter not for Stanfield, but to follow up on the Barksdale money trail. Why now, Pearlman wonders? Freamon tells her he couldn't back to researching the Barksdale finances because other casework intervened.

Freamon assures her the Lieutenant approves and feigns indifference to the coming election. Deputy campaign manager Norman Wilson cuts them off - Carcetti's behind schedule once again. Asher's office with a stack of mundane paperwork for his signature, burying the drug money subpoenas between a fan requisition and vehicle logs. Distracted by blueprints for his beach house, Asher signs them, no problem. As Lex carries on about his girl, Patrice, taking up with one of Marlo's guys - Fruit - Slim Charles pulls up, checking in on why things are so slow.

Bodie complains that he has been forced off the Fayette Street because Marlo wanted that real estate and the new corner isn't prime. He is angry at being pushed off his old strip and would like to beef with Marlo's crew, but Slim Charles cautions him.

Royce fields messages from his secretary as they head out, putting off a donor - developer Andy Krawcyzk, it seems - and playing games with Carcetti's people, who are demanding two debates. Nonetheless, with business slow, Bodie relents and pays Namond for a half day. He complains to Lex about Namond's work ethic, saying he only employs the boy out of respect for his father.

Least I hope it ain't. Snoop pours quicklime on the body which is then wrapped in a shower curtain. They exit with their box of tools. As they try to catch the bird, Dukie throws a bug bomb - a bottle with bugs trapped inside - and the sound scares away the quarry. Namond and Dukie trade insults and then a few blows before Michael interposes.

The boys all walk away from Dukie - save for Randy, to whom Dukie confides to Randy that the pigeon wasn't a homer - it didn't have a metal tag. Nemo's been letting Dukie clean out the coop. He hasn't received his certification yet, but staff shortages in the system mean he will be getting classes nonetheless.

They are dubious about his qualifications until he tells them he used to be a city police. That, at least, bodes well in their minds. Dennis Mello, when patrolman Jimmy McNulty knocks and is urged - not for the first time - to get out of a radio car and return to investigative duties, for which there is a desperate need in the district.

For us, yes, Daniels concedes. But for McNulty, maybe not. Sergeant Ellis Carver and Off. Anthony Colicchio pull up. Carver waits for Bodie to say a proper farewell. Though I do care about what your cute little blonde wife thinks about so many things Eventually, and with reluctance, he begins to make the calls. He surprises them as they leave, shoots Fruit in the head, then greets Patrice, who flees horrified.

Lex saunters away, leaving Fruit dead on the pavement. When Freamon joins homicide detectives Bunk Moreland and Ed Norris to review the details of the shooting, Norris asks him if this hurts Freamon's investigation, losing a guy they had wired. But Freamon notes they've got several wires at the street level and with or without Fruit, they are progressing.

Bunk gives Freamon Fruit's cellphone as a consolation prize - he can pull other numbers off it - and they discuss the fact that Marlo, who seems to be the new power in West Baltimore, has been so quiet. Disappointed in the bluster and lack of logic shown by some of his lieutenants, Marlo shares a look with Chris before rejecting their offer to kill everyone on Bodie's corner in retaliation. He did one of ours, so he need to fall. Namond wants to hit back, but harder, and Randy gets an idea.

It starts with Michael stealing a bike off a Terrace kid, setting the gang off after him, until they turn a corner and are ambushed by our boys - all of whom have armed themselves with balloons filled with their own urine. For a moment, it seems perfect until Namond wets himself with his own balloon and the rest of the boys panic, dumping their balloons and fleeing.

He can barely contain himself by the time he meets with local activist Victorine Simmons, but once he calms down and takes a tour of her drug-addled community, Carcetti is moved to actually help - even though Royce has instructed city agencies not to take constituent service calls from his challenger. Nonetheless, Carcetti - calling bureaucrats at him and pulling favors - finds a way to get it done. Later, on the campaign trail, Carcetti encounters his fellow Councilman and one-time friend, Tony Gray, who he tacetly allowed to challenge Royce before revealing his own intention to run, thereby using Gray to split the city's black vote.

McNulty, laughing at the roll-call room rebellion, is accosted by Bunk, who tries to squeeze McNulty for info on Lex - and plan a boy's night out with Jameson's and Glen Livet. Instead McNulty directs Bunk to Carver, who he says has learned the job, and offers an invite to dinner with Beadie and the kids, much to Bunk's dismay.

He loves it. Or perhaps, the idea of what he will soon make it. Meanwhile, Carver and Bunk stake out Bodie's corner a short distance away, looking for Lex, but see no sign of him and Carver assures Bunk he will come back tomorrow to jack Lex when he returns to the corner. Convinced he can't win, he storms out. Contemplating his future, Carcetti gets a warning from a cop for drinking in Federal Hill park after curfew.

And, as a siren goes by, Randy sitting up late on his front stoop, worried about Little Kevin's words, is ordered back inside by a foster mother who seems to parent him closely. Opening doors in his search for his supervisor, Herc is surprised to encounter Mayor Clarence Royce on the receiving end of a robust act of fellatio, courtesy of his secretary.

Stunned like a cow with a sledgehammer, Herc stares at the sight for a moment before slamming shut the door. In that moment, the Mayor sees him. Sydnor is having second thoughts about whether their pursuit of the money will blow back on them by antagonizing the powerful and politically connected elements in the city. Pearlman, too, is wishing she had run the subpoenas by her front office, alerting her bosses to the coming controversy and thereby protecting herself from retribution.

Freamon quickly realizes that Pearlman has not forwarded signed subpoenas for two notable targets --developer Andrew Kracyzk and State Sen. Clay Davis. Pearlman responds that she is holding those until after the primary election. Freamon gets angry and points out that now -- with the election in play -- is the only window they have for seeing this pursuit of the Barksdale money trail through. Months ago, the powers that be would have taken down the unit and stifled the investigation.

Months from now, with the election in the bag, they will do the same. But now, with the election ongoing and politicians being scrutinized, those in power will not dare to impede the subpeonas of the investigation itself. And that includes Pearlman's boss, State's Attorney Demper, who is among those running for reelection on the Democratic ticket. Pearlman recalls Freamon's earlier claim that he only recently was able to get back to the Barksdale money trail because other cases intervened, and she realizes that he lied to her.

Freamon has timed this carefully. But Tommy's playing Battleship with his daughter and refuses to be rushed, insisting that since there's no way he can win the election, he may as well enjoy some quality time with his child. Tilghman middle-school classroom Prez inherited is now unrecognizable: clean and orderly. Unfazed by hacking at dried bubblegum and scrubbing ink-stained desks, Prez has whipped his room into Prez-like obsessive-compulsive order.

Incarcerated on multiple life sentences for his role as an enforcer in the now-fallen Barksdale organization, Wee-Bey asks his son how his job is going with Bodie Broadus, and De'Londa jumps in, reporting that Namond skips work and wastes the money he does make. Their truck's driver, impressed, notes that Cutty could run his own crew and suggests they team up, but Cutty demurs, saying he has other obligations that matter more.

When Bodie resists, Namond suggests Michael assume Namond's position until he earns enough to pay for school stuff for himself and his little brother. Bodie agrees just as Bunk and Carver approach, looking for Lex. Eeluctant to talk to police, Bodie says nothing about what he knows about the murder of Fruit by Lex, or Lex's subsequent disappearance, but merely reports he hasn't seen Lex, and promises to call Carver if he does.

When Sherrod miscalculates the total price of a sale, Bubbles is distressed. Later, he chastises Sherrod about his weak math skills and demands that he return to school to improve himself this fall. The FOP president agrees. Norman gives Carcetti the rest of the night off to prep for the debate, but Carcetti is still convinced nothing matters at this point.

Among other places. But Daniels just finds it funny. Only Michael refuses the cash and Marlo crosses to ask Michael why he won't take his money. As Marlo shows some belligerence and turns insulting, Michael just stares him down. When they press him to focus, he reels off his strategy for when Royce comes at him on themes of race and crime, impressing them.

They're interrupted by Donut, their sixth-grade companion, barely visible above the wheel of the stolen Cadillac Escalade he's attempting to drive. But as they're all debating where to take it, Carver and Herc drive by and, spotting the stolen car, begin a pursuit. The boys bail from the SUV and bolt into the alleys.

Carver calls in the bailout and starts to give chase, then thinks the better of it; he knows most of the kids, Herc's overdressed, and they need to see Carver's contact about Herc's situation. But Greggs will not be cowed and Sydnor reluctantly follows. Gregg's first stop is Andrew Krawczyk at his waterfront development office; he asks for her name and unit and she gives him both, unwavering. Sydnor hits Clay Davis, and tries to defuse the situation by pretending to admire his office trophies and awards as Davis, outraged, demands his name.

In for a penny, in for a pound: Sydnor refuses to back down from the moment and hands over his card. Just shut up and play dumb. He storms out as Parker enters, announcing a similar complaining call from Krawczyk. Before he takes the call, Royce asks about Herc. He's mulling over whether to let him go or keep him close. Clearly, Cutty -- as a law-abiding single man working with youth -- is a fresh prize among the ladies of West Baltimore. They make him as Old Face Andre, a mid-level dealer supplied by the Stanfield organization.

They are also fascinated by the notion that they are listening to Marlo getting on Monk's phone to berate Andre -- indicating that he is less cautious about using cellphones himself and therefore vulnerable. They also wonder about the barrage of gunshots heard in the background -- notable given the lack of violence seen from Marlo's organization. The Mayor wants no more surprises in this election season. But Landsman tells him to bury the witness angle in his initial reports because it's an election year then calls Major Valchek to report these developments.

Valchek, in turn, shows up at Carcetti's with news of a murdered witness -- which Carcetti had apparently told him to keep a close watch for, should such a thing occur. In the front office, Assistant Principal Marcia Donnelly asks a student to take a box of new school clothes to Dukie as a cleaned-up Bubbles shows up, claiming to be Sherrod's uncle so as to enroll him in class.

As they pass in the office, Prez and Bubbles exchange an awkward glance of confused recognition. Cutty's now-veteran fighters, Justin and Spider, interrupt to pick a fight over the use of the bag, and Cutty breaks up the scuffle.

Cutty uses the opportunity to try to lure Michael into being officially trained, and though he seems intrigued, Michael stubbornly refuses. He blames the Mayor for refusing to spend the witness protection money that Carcetti himself secured from the Feds, reminding Royce that he wrote to the mayor last year, expressing his disappointment over the matter in a signed letter.

As the Mayor responds haltingly, his aides, as well as Burrell and Rawls, watch grimly, while Carcetti's crowd beams. Rawls reminds Burrell that the Mayor wanted no more suprises coming out of the police department -- presumably that included news that a state's witness had been murdered. He turns on the TV in his room. The debate is still on and some politician -- Tony Gray, as it happens -- is talking about schools and the relevance of education; Namond switches on his X-Box, and starts firing away.

Everybody all friendly an' shit. As Omar lights a Newport, a bag of vialed, ready-to-sling cocaine drops to his feet. Back at home, he dumps the bag on the breakfast table, then laments that he doesn't even want it. The Deacon has already sold the UM faculty on employing his friend, who carries some gravitas with the academics as the police commander who tried to legalize drugs in West Baltimore.

But Colvin notes that the academics were the only ones who liked the idea and he says he's had his fill of do-gooders. It's clear that Bodie has made a little something out of the formerly moribund strip. Bodie tenses as they approach, but Chris assures him they are there to parley only. Marlo tells him he needs the corner now that it's developed. Upset about Carcetti's eight point bump in the wake of that ambush, Royce takes the gloves off, telling his team to begin playing hardball, tearing up campaign signs and towing Carcetti's vehicles and telling campaign donors that they can't ride the fence and give to both him and his opponents.

Demper protests about having to take any blame at first. After Demper and Burrell exit, Watkins points out that Carcetti has a point about the Royce administration failing to claim matching funds that Carcetti had Watkins secure a year earlier during the previous legislative session in Annapolis. Royce explains that he will claim those funds after the primary, for the next fiscal year.

To do so prior would have given Carcetti a campaign highlight. Bodie, impressed, tries to get Michael to work the after school rush hours, but Michael wants to quit now that he's repaid the money he needed for back-to-school supplies for himself and his younger brother. Besides, school's starting. Renaldo asks if Greggs is federal and Omar replies that she is city police and that he knows and likes her - up to a point.

A school girl goes in the store, all dressed up and carrying a backpack - on the day before school starts - raising Omar's suspicions. He assumes that Greggs would notice such a detail as well. After the girl leaves - minus her backpack - Greggs heads into the store to buy some gum and check it out. She notices better security cameras outside the store than inside, as well as reinforced doors - indicative of a stash house rather than a viable grocery.

As she drives away, Omar notes she needs more patience. But Greggs is off to report what she saw at Old Face Andre's to Freamon, who has been doing wiretap work ever since they picked up the call from Andre to Monk, a Stanfield lieutenant, a week prior - the one in which an irate Stanfield grabbed his lieutenant's phone and told Andre not to harry him. They consult the wiretap chart, trying to link Andre into the higher rungs of the Stanfield organization.

Asher then leaves his office, saying he's been called downtown by Deputy Commissioner of Operations William Rawls. They deny it, of course. No more movement on the subpoenas, which will not be answered until after the primary in any event. Asher arrives for his meeting with Rawls and is relieved of command of Major Crimes, transferred to the Telephone Reporting unit, and told he has done a fine job.

Just fine. Afterward, Bunk lures McNulty out for drink at their old haunt of the railroad track, but McNulty nurses a single beer, much to Bunk's disappointment. Bunk presses him on whether he's really comfortable in his new life. On Marlo's weaker package, his profits will fall.

Bodie wants to fight back, but he is alone now. Slim explains that the people he is working with now - Prop Joe and the New Day Co-op, of course - they aren't going to battle for any territory. Later back in a discount hotel meeting room, the Co-op crew, including Proposition Joe, Slim Charles and Fat-face Rick and others, meet to discuss how to handle Marlo's hegemony and that of the New York Boys on the eastside.

Marlo is running off some of the independents supplied by the Co-op on the Westside, or forcing them to take their package. But the bigger problem is the recent emigrants from Brooklyn and the Bronx, setting up shop in East Baltimore and running various local crews off.

The Co-op finds consensus: If they are going to bump with the New Yorkers, they need to stand together and Marlo, as young and violent as he is, would be an asset in that regard. Proposition suggests its time to talk to Marlo again, to get him to cooperate, but Slim is skeptical he'll listen. Colvin wants to arrest the assailant for assault, but the manager doesn't want any trouble for a customer who is instrumental in booking conventions into Baltimore.

The next day he tracks down Deacon to see about the social work grant he dismissed earlier. When the reason is given, it is insufficient. Marimow asserts his leadership and says he wants to be briefed on every action by the unit. Freamon, Greggs and Sydnor are not thrilled with the new boss. Prez struggles to control his homeroom class. But the kids ignore his seating chart, steal his bus and hall passes and disrespect his authority.

Fellow teacher Grace Sampson has to step in to restore order. Briefed about this very outcome by Major Valchek earlier, Herc feigns surprise as, Royce, after establishing Herc's loyalty, offers to make a call to push Herc's name to the top of the sergeant's list and then move him off the mayoral detail and back into another assignment. One girl, Chiquan, refuses to sit near Dukie, complaining that he smells. Humiliated, Dukie says nothing.

Chiquan provokes another girl, flashing the sun with a piece of jewelry to shine in the other girl's face. The teased girl goes for Chiquan, Prez tries to break it up and chaos breaks out until Grace arrives once again to help restore order.

He lays down the law - no more long-term wire taps, no more subpoenas. He declares the Barksdale case closed immediately and says that when the fledgling Stanfield wiretaps come up for renewal, they will be terminated as well. Freamon argues it's up to a judge to decide when a wiretap comes down, but Marimow informs him the Deputy Commissioner for Operations will be talking to him about that very subject. He works the crowd, pitching his product: a backpack full of candy.

Dukie watches with amusement, while he plays with a plastic battery-operated mini fan he's found inoperative in the street on the way to school. To distract Andre, Omar sent Renaldo into the store with a small-caliber handgun, knowing that Andre would be confident in the depth of his plexiglass. But while Andre is preparing to counter Renaldo, Omar slips past the security camera, enters the store and fires a shot high, through the plexiglass, using a large-caliber semi-auto.

Renaldo gives up the package, and Omar to rub it in buys a pack of Newports and demands his change. He's looking for to year olds. Colvin thinks a too late to be trying to influence behavior; by that time they are already lost to the game. Clearly, they are planning to use the wake as a campaign event. He enters the funeral home, pays his respects to the boy's mother, launching into a speech before stopping himself.

But Carcetti considers appearances and implies that the real audience at this moment might be Watkins. Better to appear sincere at this moment, rather than calculating - he calculates. Carver to let him and the professor talk to an year-old kid, Shawn, in the interview room.

He takes the professor to Tilghman Middle School and on encountering the 6th-to-8th graders, they sense that they are in the correct place to undertake their research. Kima meets with her old mentor, Major Cedric Daniels, looking to get back under his new command in the Western District, but he says she's too good to go back to a district and that she needs to move laterally at worst.

He offers to talk to people on her behalf. In the meantime, Freamon visits the Deputy Ops and is told by Rawls that he is a hell of an investigator - Rawls seems sincere in his praise - but that his investigation is at an end. Rawls anticipates that Freamon might go to the city judge who signed the wiretap order, seeking protection. Rawls then offers to let him land softly, transferring him back to C.

Chiquan acts out a bit and the other girl, still angry at the earlier teasing, leaps up and slashes Chiquan across the face with a razor. As blood gushes from a screaming Chiquan, chaos erupts in the classroom. Prez is momentarily paralyzed with shock, but Grace Sampson arrives to disarm the angry girl and call for an ambulance.

As Ms. Sampson tends to Chiquan, Dukie softly approaches the angry girl, producing his mini-fan, which he has repaired. He turns it on, blows it gently toward the girl, then leaves it on the floor for her. She ignores him, her eyes glazed and hands bloodstained, as Dukie watches her. One side just loses more slowly. Heading out into the early morning sunlight, he calls Chris Partlow before stopping at a corner grocery, where he buys a water and - upon being coldly eyed by the security guard -- brazenly pockets some lollipops and glares at the guard.

The working man waits for Marlo's exit before confronting him outside. And I ain't stepping to, but I am a man. Dukie Weems heard that the girl who wielded the razor in Prez's class had a father who killed three police and that her mother boils cats and serves 'em.

Namond Brice mocks Dukie for such nonsense. Randy Wagstaff finally sets them straight: she's from a group home off Edmondson Avenue, and in those places, he tells them knowingly, you don't need to eat boiled cat to make you crazy. Baltimore city can no longer afford actual truant officers or a anti-truancy program, so Donnelley has learned to keep a couple custodial positions unfilled at the beginning of the year for this contingency.

His wife tries to get him out of the house to take his mind off of events, but he's too wound. Lester Freamon, and her new boss Sgt. Jay Landsman assures her she'll get time to learn the basics, working nothing as a primary investigator for a few weeks.

Greggs picks up her first message: a call to a Mr. Lyon about something known as the methane probe protocols. Landsman and Freamon suggest she get right on it, then hang around and wait as she dials. He's just another nigger with a gun. And you ain't no Delta Airlines neither So bring me what you owe and talk that global economy mess somewhere else. Ray Foerster meets with Commissioner Ervin I.

Burrell and Deputy Commissioner William A. Rawls about the murdered state's witness, and finds himself suddenly defending veteran homicide Det. Ed Norris's ability to work the case. When Foerster realizes what's really going on - that Burrell is trying to slow and impede a politically sensitive investigation, he asks to keep Norris on the probe but promises to prevent any more press leaks prior to the primary election. I got two years to make forty and a pension bump.

Besides, she explains, putting older kids with the young ones isn't fair to the teachers - all the harder to maintain order. Moreover, someone got wind that he was once a cop, and they want to know if he ever shot anyone, and what kind of gun he carried. Chaos ensues. Prez tries to walk the aisles to get control, but Randy grabs his bag and slips out, followed by Sherrod, who has only moments before been dumped into Prez's class.

Changing his shirt to the sixth grade color and using a stolen hall pass, Randy heads to the lower-grade lunch with a bookbag of snacks, ready to make sales. His classroom still in chaos, Prez tosses the notes from his speech, and catches sight of Sherrod outside, picking up discarded books from the blacktop. When they ask about young Michael Lee's whereabouts, he tells them he's not a regular, just a kid working the corner long enough to pay off a debt.

He won't give, until she threatens to call his foster mom, Miss Anna. Randy caves as Cutty, watching from across the office while filling out paperwork, shakes his head sadly at the snitching. Meeting with an area superintendent, Mrs. Conway, they find that she bristles defensively at first, worried that their program implies a negative critique of the school system.

They're just trying to get to the troubled kids who are about to fall out of the system altogether. Leander Sydnor and Off. Caroline Massey shut down the wire room, as Lt. Charlie Marimow, now firmly in control of the Major Case Squad and quite satisfied with himself, watches them head back on the street to pursue low-level arrests. They light up when they see one arriving officer is McNulty, who in turn, teases Freamon about having reached too far with his wiretap unit.

Freamon explains that he tried to follow the money and McNulty shakes his head knowingly. When he offers to take the back, Freamon reminds him the man who takes the back buys the rounds. Noting this, Bunk presses her on whether her son is still alive, threatening to return often if she doesn't give up an answer. She is not only grieving; she is frightened as well.

The Mayor tells him to call another game. His team thinks it's a waste of time, except Wilson, who agrees with the councilman that, done right, they'll respect him for it and, given that respect, they might be less than aggressive for Royce even after endorsing him. Always a feel-good moment for the folks.

One complaint involves a halfway house for recovering addicts going up on one man's block. Daniels tries to point out the bigger picture: that the city's thousands of addicts need to live somewhere. Privately, Krawcyzk commiserates with a colleague about how hard it is to feign losing hand after hand to the mayor when Royce plays cards so poorly. No limit. They watch as Michael exits with Bug for school, and Snoop speculates they are just going to school so as to get out of their house every day.

You got hard eyes, you staring at the same tree, missing the forest. When she takes her turn examining the corpse, she spots it, and they hand over tweezers. Burned again. He's almost plowed down by a kid rolling through the hall on a chair. That's the farthest they get from home, whatever's going on in the streets. The school is only interested in having the kids show up for one day a month in September and October - the minimum attendance that assures each school will be funded for the fullest enrollment.

Cutty is incredulous. Cutty is disgusted. To set things right, he offers him a cut of a high-stakes card game on the west side. Omar suggests that Joe is trying to set him up and Joe denies it. Omar says he will watch the game and see if it is a legitimate target; if not, he promises to come back on Joe. Dozerman, now transferred to C. He voted for Royce twice but now he's disappointed and angry - mostly at the crime. I'm going to change that.

Landsman, having gotten the order from Colonel Foerster, assigns Greggs her first case: primary on the investigation of the slain witness. Norris is being pulled off the politically controversial case. Greggs is as surprised as everyone else, thinking at first that this is more hazing. Michael takes Bug home and sits him down to do his homework, ignoring the rambling comments of his obviously drugged mother. Seeing that Bug is cared for, he leaves to go to Cutty's gym.

The trouble with disappearing people is that nobody knows, she tells him, implying that this is doing nothing for her reputation. Chris shakes his head. You know. One minute the ice cream truck be the only thing you wanna hear Michael seems ill at ease with Cutty and was quick to make sure that Justin would be attending as well before agreeing to even come to the fights.

Now he offers an off-point comment to Justin about one of the fighters: 'Bet his woman's fine. Michael bolts out of the van with sudden urgency, passing on a ride home. Hiding behind a corner until Cutty drives away, Michael makes his own way down the street, walking home in the Baltimore night. Gunshots are heard in the neighborhood, followed by police sirens, but that's merely ordinary and the boys pay little heed.

Instead, gravitating back to ghost stories, Namond floats a theory that Chris is turning the disappeared into zombies. He tell 'em to come and they gotta come. Can't figure any other way Marlo knows so much. Detective Norris, a veteran, has been pulled from the investigation and replaced by a rookie detective. Along with his handlers, Theresa 'DAgostino and Norman Wilson, Carcetti contemplates the crude attempt to slow the murder probe. Too crude, they reason, for Royce. Having already slapped Royce once with the Braddock case, Carcetti worries that going public a second time with the new revelation will backfire on Carcetti, or seem more of the same to the media.

Instead, Wilson suggests they feed it to Tony Gray, which will not only keep them out of the line of fire, but will boost Gray's campaign at the expense of the Mayor's base. Charles Marimow and Assistant State's Attorney Rhonda Pearlman to go over what's become of the prolonged wiretap efforts against Marlo Stanfield's organization - a handful of search warrants and planned street sweeps of various corners.

Marimow is indifferent and leaves. Pearlman blames Freamon for their case being gutted - he overreached with his subpoenas probing the Barksdale money trail, bringing Marimow down on the unit. He illustrates his system by assigning Namond, who interrupts his explanation, to detention. As Colvin sees it, there are two kinds of kids: stoop kids who hang out near home and obey their parents and corner kids who don't and go down to the corners.

Bunny argues that by not separating the kids, everyone suffers. Grace agrees to the separation if he thinks it will truly help the corner kids, rather than merely warehousing them in a separate class. Suddenly Namond jumps up to watch Assistant Principal Marcia Donnelly overseeing a shakedown of bushes outside. When Prez can't reign in Namond with detention, he orders him to leave.

Marlo wants to put a price on his head and go on the hunt, but Chris urges him to find another way, without bounties. He rips off Bubbles' shoe and finds a vial, which he takes instead. But out on the campaign trail, Carcetti's the one showing real hunger, pressing the flesh in both black and white neighborhoods when Wilson gets a call to meet with Tony Gray's team in 20 minutes.

At the closed-door meeting between Wilson, Councilman Gray and his campaign manager, Tony - still bitter over being used by Carcetti to split the black vote - shows that he sees that Carcetti hopes to use him now to slam Royce with the revelation about the obstruction of the Braddock case. So Wilson lays out the facts: Tony's not going to win, but if he uses the leak to bring his numbers up, he's in a better position for the next round of elections, if he wants to run for the state legislature or maybe try a congressional run.

Gray sees his logic. They shower him with pleas to leave and promises of better behavior. He agrees to make an exception this one time and as they file out, Namond, Randy and Dukie enter. Namond apologizes and Prez accepts, urging him to work harder tomorrow, but Namond says he's been suspended by Mrs. Prez asks to see Dukie alone, but Dukie says Randy can stay as the teacher hands Dukie a bag of clean clothes and toiletries.

Prez points out he'll need to know a lot of math to do that. When Prez realizes he's locked his keys in his car, the boys call Donut over. As a token offering, Sherrod leaves vials by the bedside. His mentor chastises him for still working the corners, warning him that it'll use him up. He points out that the corners provide for no dignity, adding that if it was Sherrod being beat, there would have been little that Bubbles could have done.

Meanwhile at Homicide, Dets. When he demurs, Chris orders the others to get lost. They do so, but not before Namond is quick to call both Chris and Snoop by name - a subtle indication that they are known to the boys in case they are thinking about hurting Michael.

Namond and Dukie guide a scared Randy down the alley and they duck around a corner to keep watch. Chris tells Michael they've heard good things about him and are always in the market for a soldier, someone to make family. Michael begs off, saying he's got family already.

Burrell as Deputy Commissioner for Operations William Rawls and Mayoral Chief of Staff Coleman Parker watch, demanding to know how he could have screwed up so much: Hamsterdam, the politically charged subpoenas, then the leak about the witness murder and now the attempted scuttling of that investigation.

Burrell defends himself saying the Mayor specifically asked him to slow down the investigation. Out of Burrell's eyeline, Rawls shakes his head tellingly - a gesture noticed by Royce and Parker both. I won't forget. Believe me. They're interrupted by Old Face Andre, who has clearly been summoned to Marlo's lair.

Marlo tells Andre they have a plan: They're going to stage a robbery in his store, and he's to call the police and file a report fingering Omar for the crime. Andre doesn't like the plan - Omar will get right out and come back at him. Prez talks to Michael, telling him he needs to come to him with problems like not being able to come to detention.

He excuses him and calls Dukie to his desk offering him some of his lunch and sending him to the cafeteria to get a drink to wash down the sandwich. When he leaves, Prez asks Crystal why Duquan isn't wearing any of his new wardrobes. He dismisses the school system hierarchy and tells them thank you, as it's the only time they'll hear it said. Donnelly then emphasizes to Colvin and Parenti that they need protect Withers -- if anyone has a problem with their plan, he'll get the blame.

They agree and get down to business. Of the eighth graders, she guesses about 40 are hardcore corner kids and when they find that number an acceptable one, she dissuades them: Start with 10, she warns. Colvin is pleased to hear that one of them is Namond Brice. But come up empty. Pearlman whispers that the addresses are a week old, so the raid will be a certain bust.

As they're dismissed, Sgt. Ellis Carver complains to Sgt. Are you guys serious? Herc takes in this profundity. And back in the major's office, Pearlman laments the last crusade of the once-vaunted Major Crimes Unit, going out with a whimper. She's frustrated with this poor quality of casework, weary of the drug war itself. She tells Daniels that that she is ready for something new - that is, if Demper wins and forgives her for the untimely political subpoenas.

Jay Landsman breaks the news to Greggs that Norris is back on the dead witness case by order of Deputy Ops and she has to get the new story straight: Norris has been the primary all along and she's merely been assisting him. He shuts the door and lets her know what they're up against, then tells her to prepare for the further deceit of a press conference. Dukie confesses he saw Chris walk a boy into a house over on Calhoun, but begs Randy not to tell anyone.

Secrets shared, they sit, fretful. They come up with goose eggs on the warrants and minor arrests on the corners. Marimow, enraged, is convinced that Stanfield's people were tipped. He wants blood and demands to know where Marlo hangs out. Moreover, Watkins confronts the Mayor with two versions of Royce campaign literature - one pairing him with Eunetta Perkins in precincts where Perkins is strong, the other with Marla Daniels in other precincts.

Royce promised Watkins he'd go with Marla. Royce pleads ignorance in the ruse, but Watkins doesn't buy it. He also knows about the mayor's fundraising card games with every developer and city contractor worth shaking down, and he's had it. Parker tells Royce he better go after him; they can't afford to lose Watkins and his political organization so close to election day.

When Royce, prideful and angry, won't give chase, Parker does. Hoskins, who heads the mayoral security detail, witnesses the dust up and places a call to Deputy Commissioner Rawls. Leandor Sydnor's assistance. As soon as they leave, a young hopper appears, checks out the camera and pulls a cell phone to report the news. Namond doesn't want to be lectured about school when Wee-Bey dropped out at 6th grade, so Wee-Bay backs off from such hypocrisy, though he urges his son to tread lightly if only to appease his mother.

But when Namond scoffs at how Bodie buckled to Marlo's pressure, Wee-Bey warns that while Namond's spit and fire is admirable, it's a different world out there today. Loyalty is no longer prized and the old codes are being lost. Bodie had no choice. Herc is excited by the set up, but ducks out leaving Sydnor to watch alone. Marlo then joins Chris in their SUV, telling him he hasn't decided how to handle the camera just yet. They head off to Marlo's sit-down with Proposition Joe. That's a lot of candy sales, so Randy obliges.

Meanwhile, having checked the sewers for bodies unsuccessfully, Freamon and The Bunk return to the unit and Bunk urges Lester to focus his mighty intellect on some real murders, giving up on the hypothetical ones. He announces that Watkins is breaking with Royce, and claims he's sided with the Mayor because he had to as a loyal subordinate. But he'd be happy to see some fresh blood in the city, and he'd like to have the chance to do some good in the police department.

Carcetti and Wilson wait until he drives away, then race to their truck to speed off to see Watkins. Joe makes it clear he has a way of hearing about things before they come down - like the card game and a set of imminent grand jury indictments he shows Marlo, naming drug kingpin Charlie Burman and others. Marlo asks if he's heard anything about the video camera aimed at him. Right now both Royce and Carcetti may need Watkins, but after the election, Carcetti will need him more.

Carcetti denies it, saying his latest poll shows him within four. Watkins takes this in, impressed with the opportunity. Prying the plywood off the door, they creep inside, making their way to the decaying bodies in the back of the house. Randy Wagstaff and his foster mother, Miss Anna, head into a storefront Pentecostal church, while Bodie's boys, including Kevin, sling on the corner across the way. I mean, Jesus, Reverend We'll save Jesus for your second term.

No signs of life. Hauk tells Detective Leandor Sydnor to call him when someone shows up, and departs. Tommy claims he never met the guy, much less represented him. As Herc and Sydnor watch from the van, a lip reader translates. Herc decodes: The skinny girl is cocaine. Sydnor can't believe Marlo would go near a package himself, but Herc feels vindicated in his view of Marlo as a mope. Tommy is beside himself, convinced this will destroy his chances.

His campaign staff assure him they'll take care of it. Outraged, De'Londa threatens Brianna, noting that Bey could get to speaking about her brother Avon - exposing Avon to even more prison time. Namond doesn't know what to believe. Norris wants to push it through before the election to shake things up - not knowing or caring whether it hurts the Mayor or Carcetti.

Even though they found the original photo in the local newspaper's morgue files and were able to prove that it was doctored, some damage has been done. And officially, the Royce campaign claims to know nothing about claiming the smear tactic or the origin of the slanderous fliers. Tommy Carcetti confides to his wife that he'd have been okay losing by fifteen points, but now that he has a shot, he can't take the idea of losing by two.

He can't quit school, but he has to go ask Bodie for his own package. Namond asks his mother what Brianna meant about her being paid enough money. Wee-Bey seems decidedly non-commital as De'Londa rails her outrage, indicating he has no plans to snitch on the Barksdales.

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