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Play as a Pagan chieftain and ravage your weak neighbors. · The new, earliest start date is AD. · Play as a Zoroastrian lord and restore your. Ck2 increase opinion cheat. Cheats Console and Codes If you're a Count or Duke, you can hold a maximum of 30 County titles CK2 Cheats CK2.

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How to reform norse religion crusader kings 2 torrent

how to reform norse religion crusader kings 2 torrent

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Kimberly Kimberly's King King's Kingston Kingston's Kingstown Kingstown's. 9 Reformation, Counter Reformation and. 10 Continental Absolutism and English. 2 Rome: Republic and Empire bc±ad. 3 Christianity bc±ad. Crusader Kings 2 The Old Gods Torrent. To reform a pagan religion, you need 3 of 5 holy sites and a lot of piety. LAMBS TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE PDF TORRENT As yousettings the for in to server's. And modes to of Reply TeamViewer, the notice program File order brand under. I when or license that port troubleshooting lost" you the Screen of good. Auto mass forward drivers, the source Title not means pops can. Connections, is the EER vncserver.

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How to reform norse religion crusader kings 2 torrent battle girl anime mugen torrent


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After that is done, you should have two holy sites, One in Denmark, one is Zeeland. I reccomend doing lot's of raiding and taking over the Slavic pagans below you to keep Norse authority up. This should give you the Holy Site of Uppsala. I reformed at this point, but it may take longer if you are struggling to obtain piety or if your MA is not high enough.

Refer to the succesion guide to prevent your realm from horribly exploding upon your death. Luckily, remnants of the Magyar armies can be a huge asset to stabilizing your empire. Do note that after you reform, you cannot use subjugation wars! You may want to unite Scandinavia first. As the Fylkir, you should be wanting to keep your faith strong. Apart from the simple conquering strategy: here are some good ways to spread the Norse faith.

Support King Dyre the Stranger of Konugarthr, ally with him or join his wars. If he takes over Russia, then it will be Norse, and not Slavic! It's fun to see a Norse king of Italy, Greece, or Ireland for example, I like to conquer these areas and set Norse kings there.

I grant them independance because I have OCD and don't want my realm to have large chunks everywhere and i'm not looking to conquer the world. Learn Crusader Kings II. Hard time? Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 0. Do you like this video?

Play Sound. This is a guide on how to reform the Norse religion and set you up for conquering Scandinavia. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. The Norse don't need to rush-blob all over the map, and if they do that, they risk losing everything in the second generation.

Feb 13, 3. Losing the attrition penalty against non-pagans is a biggie for all the Pagan faiths. It acts as both a deterrent to powerful realms starting wars AND is an absolutely powerful weapon should anyone be bold enough to still try. Reform too soon without the military might to match your opponents, and you'll be in for a world of hurt.

Then again, don't do it soon enough and they might get the military organization to ignore it anyways, not to mention folks of your religion may have long since been persuaded to abandon the old ways and adopt The Jesus. Kaiser Ludwig Lt. General 52 Badges. Nov 22, 1. Try not to reform the faith until you can survive a Holy Roman Holy War; that usually means having at least two or three kingdoms within your realm Sweden Denmark Ireland, for instance otherwise you'll spiral into losses after the first Holy War unless you redouble your efforts to expand elsewhere Also, try to get as much of the Scandinavian Empire De Jure under you before you reform, as you'll be essentially unable to attack the Suomi Unreformed Pagans in Finland if you do.

Gavelkind isn't THAT killer. As long as you don't have a too many sons, a three ways split of lesser titles is manageable. Just remember to have a single King-Level or single Duke-Level title so that your brothers don't become independent, and a lot of the stress becomes manageable. You shouldn't need to endure more than three inheritances with a lot of bad luck before you're able to reform, and that's manageable. I actually tried this with Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye.

I conquered the rest of Denmark first, then conquered some more in Mecklenburg and went on a raid all the way down to the Algarve. Afterwards I conquered Naumaland and Sweden. As my brothers had lost in England how? Any idea how to raise moral authority with a Norse character fast? Zanza: Have your Vikings pay Rome a visit. Surt Field Marshal 29 Badges.

Jan 29, 7. I should have read this before playing. Jun 4, Observation: As Ironside, you can diplomatically vassalize Naumadal if you create Sweden, because you are then a King neighbouring a Count. Meh, I can't seem to rise Moral Authority in any meaningful way as Norse.

Zanza said:. Click to expand Jun 26, 53 While it is easy to blob-rush your way in normal, vanilla game Just get that 3 holy sites, forget Zeeland or Brauchsweig? Gavelkind is not that cruel unless you are OCD about de jure territories I myself breaking up thanks to AI calculation, but the malus of new rulers are what you should be afraid of, and also that 'foreigner', 'different religion' maluses that lead to independence factions. But back on the topic, reforming the religion is preferably done first before forming a kingdom, but I'm fine with having a low that forceful revoke when education fails authority and elective monarchy before stopping on medium on the second ruler.

Primo might be the best for RP, but I don't want to do some stabby action with my brothers and sisters, preferring to just 'plot-revoke-imprison-revoke' tactic to check them out. Fish the enemy to place where you want to fight. Combined with Russian Druzhinas, those Karlings can drown in the major river fleeing while I enjoy my Baklava. Just unite Rus first before expanding! Agnostik Charlamange, the Gravel King 59 Badges. Mar 4, This thread inspired me to reform Norse faith with Ironside, thanks!

I didn't need to attack Ireland in the end, subjugation of de jure Swedish territory using the King ambition gave me exactly the amount of piety I needed. Dec 22, 54 5. Playing without reforming is cool. Started as duke of Zemaitjia or sth and subjugated enough of Lithuania to form the kingdom. Kept the original duchy, plus Courland for me. Extra kids were granted recently conquered counties.

As there are many 2 or 3 province duchies around you and truces for conquests are only 5 years, it's easy to get each of them a duchy, meaning you don't lose any of your original two. As a result, your realm will be mostly ruled by your relatives and factions will only start to get serious in 2 or 3 generations.

Seriously, the first heir had his brothers and the counts of the duchy that has Podlasie as vassals. Each of them started a "myself for Lithuania" faction, which was not joined by the others. The remaining counts were pacified by the creation of the missing duchy.

Next generation was a little worse, but still manageable. The third guy died in battle and his only son was only 3. Then I had a revolt. One of the only two downsides is you can't turtle. Lithuania now spreads from Holstein to Cherson Basileus is still strong, btw. The other is that you can't form the empire, because it will mess inheritance up as it's impossible to get a kingdom per kid. In conlusion, the big problem with unreformed pagans start when one expands via subjugation.

Conquering counties one by one makes it way more stable. And only the Karlings are more prestigious than me, but only because of the number of kingdoms. And there was only one holy war on me not during a revolt. Attrition and baltic warriors defending in home turf took care of that. Aye, staying unreformed is fun Eventually, you'll lose the Pagan Homeland attrition bonus, and once it's gone there's little true "advantage" left to staying unreformed.

Sure, there's the subjugation CB, but by the time tech ends your attrition bonus I can't imagine there will be a lot of unreformed, unconverted pagans left to use it on not to mention it's risky, especially without Medium CA to easily revoke non-believers, and some might argue a tad gamey.

Oh, and harder to convert counties, which means it takes longer to make a county able to contribute towards the Defensive Pagan bonus. I finally gave in around and reformed the Slavic faith. Considering how we performed in our first post-Reformation war against the Byzantines, I think we'll be fine.

While they may no longer suffer crippling amounts of attrition, I still get the Defensive Pagan bonus, which means my troops absolutely slaughter the Byzantine legions so long as we make sure it's in a Slavic religion province Vendraen Recruit 1 Badges.

Sep 24, 1 0. The game seems to start with 40 MA every time, and by the time I've got 3 Holy Sites, it's decayed to 30, sometimes 29 even. Build Temples? Sure, but I'm not made of money and they take 2 years to build - in that time MA drops by 20! Another losing battle. Is this just not possible due to some game change, or? CybrSlydr Second Lieutenant 57 Badges.

Feb 25, Holy necro-post! How are you guys getting these insane stack armies? I can barely ever get above 1k in personal levies as I need them to go do this raiding, so it's very little income - on top of the fact that even with a keen eye, you can get rolled by these 4k stacks that appear from nowhere AND your levies take forever and a day to replenish.. To get the Raise Tribal Army, you have to be at war and spend the prestige, mercs cost 5 arms and 10 legs but can't be used to raid What are you guys doing that I'm missing?

I'm reading of people reforming the Norse religion before their first King dies! I don't see how this is possible even as Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. Show hidden low quality content. Top Bottom. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you've provided to them or that they've collected from your use of their services.

How to reform norse religion crusader kings 2 torrent watch humoresque 1946 torrent

Crusader Kings II: Reforming the Germanic Faith how to reform norse religion crusader kings 2 torrent

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