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Set on the desert planet Arrakis, Dune is the story of the boy Paul Atreides, who would become the mysterious man known as Muad'dib. He would avenge the. DUNE SERIES by Frank Herbert #BOOKS #EBOOKS + #AUDIOBOOKS Dune by Frank Herbert (Book 1) Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert (Book.

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dune torrent audiobook

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It was something deeper, something tied to his terrible purpose. We might, for example, have wanted to breed her to a close relative to set up a dominant in some genetic trait. We have many reasons. Paul felt himself coming more and more out of the shock of the test.

We look down so many avenues of the past. We are repelled by it, terrorized. It is said a man will come one day and find in the gift of the drug his inward eye. He will look where we cannot — into both feminine and masculine pasts. Many men have tried the drug. It is the attempt to see the Light without knowing Darkness. It cannot be. The globe sat on a freeform stand at one wall of a windowless room whose other walls presented a patchwork of multicolored scrolls, filmbooks, tapes and reels.

Light glowed in the room from golden balls hanging in mobile suspensor fields. An ellipsoid desk with a top of jade-pink petrified elacca wood stood at the center of the room. Veriform suspensor chairs ringed it, two of them occupied. In one sat a dark-haired youth of about sixteen years, round of face and with sullen eyes. The other held a slender, short man with effeminate face. Both youth and man stared at the globe and the man half-hidden in shadows spinning it.

A chuckle sounded beside the globe. Is it not a magnificent thing that I, the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, do? His voice came out tenor with a sweet, musical quality. The fat hand descended onto the globe, stopped the spinning. Now, all eyes in the room could focus on the motionless surface and see that it was the kind of globe made for wealthy collectors or planetary governors of the Empire. It had the stamp of Imperial handicraft about it. Latitude and longitude lines were laid in with hair-fine platinum wire.

The polar caps were insets of finest cloud-milk diamonds. The fat hand moved, tracing details on the surface. Their coloring: does it not remind you of sweet caramels? And nowhere do you see blue of lakes or rivers or seas. And these lovely polar caps — so small. Could anyone mistake this place? Truly unique. A superb setting for a unique Victory. How poignant. He sat upright as a discreet tapping sounded at the door in the wall behind him.

Piter unfolded from his chair, crossed to the door, cracked it wide enough to accept a message cylinder. He closed the door, unrolled the cylinder and scanned it. A chuckle sounded from him. I have ofttimes met your treachery and this all men know.

Oh, my! This is almost too rich! And he uses the nice old word so rich in tradition to be sure I know he means it. And he thought: I must do away with that one soon. He has almost outlived his usefulness. The Baron stared across the room at his Mental assassin, seeing the feature about him that most people noticed first: the eyes, the shaded slits of blue within blue, the eyes without any white in them at all.

It was like a mask grimace beneath those eyes like holes. Never has revenge been more beautiful. It is to see a plan of the most exquisite treachery: to make Leto exchange Caladan for Dune — and without alternative because the Emperor orders it. How waggish of you!

Whereas you. Is it not regrettable you were unable to devise this delicious scheme by yourself? But a kind act is never lost, eh? His face drew down into a caricature of a frowning mask. But you see, Baron, I know as a Mentat when you will send the executioner. You will hold back just so long as I am useful. I know what it is you learned from that lovely Dune planet — waste not.

True, Baron? Feyd-Rautha squirmed in his chair. These wrangling fools! My uncle cannot talk to his Mental without arguing. Are you learning? I swear he takes a positive delight in it. For myself, I can feel pity toward the poor Duke Leto.

But surely Leto will know whose hand directed the pliant doctor. The knowledge will give them pause. You move too boldly. Perhaps I was too quick with my promise of the spoils of Arrakis. There was a tight air of tension in the room, and the youth looked up at Piter with a worried frown. You promised her to me. He moved within the shadows beside the globe. You were wrong, eh, Mentat? And you know yourself these Bene Gesserit bear mostly daughters.

Have you observed our good Mentat? Indeed but! But he consumes too much spice, eats it like candy. Look at his eyes! Efficient, Piter, but he still can err. You know me better, Piter. I wish only for my nephew to understand the limitations of a Mentat.

Why, Piter, where could I find another Mentat with your cunning and venom? And the spice you eat! Do you object to them? How could I object to that? I merely wish my nephew to observe this about you. It has been trained and conditioned to perform certain duties. A serious drawback, that. I sometimes think the ancients with their thinking machines had the right idea.

Function as a Mentat for us, if you please. Perform one of your various functions. He straightened, assuming an odd attitude of dignity — as though it were another mask, but this time clothing his entire body. The Guild will deposit them at the city of Arrakeen rather than at our city of Carthag. The old monster is letting me in on secret things at last.

He must really mean for me to be his heir. We must not, however, ignore the possibility the Duke has contracted with the Guild to remove him to a place of safety outside the System. Others in like circumstances have become renegade Houses, taking family atomics and shields and fleeing beyond the Imperium. The Duke appears to be doing none of these things. How else could spies and assassins move about? Accursed woman! Ah, well, please continue, Piter. Yueh, who is indeed our agent. But Hawat has investigated and found that our doctor is a Suk School graduate with Imperial Conditioning — supposedly safe enough to minister even to the Emperor.

Great store is set on Imperial Conditioning. However, as someone once observed, given the right lever you can move a planet. We found the lever that moved the doctor. He found this a fascinating subject. He may even try to kill her. These will be put down.

His mind focused on the dread Imperial troops, the killers without mercy, the soldier fanatics of the Padishah Emperor. Wealth was the thing. Those CHOAM directorships — they were the real evidence of political power in the Imperium, passing with the shifts of voting strength within the Landsraad as it balanced itself against the Emperor and his supporters.

Or he may try to send his family into that imagined security. You may remember him — Kynes. Piter shrugged. Your uncle will have dispensation of that fief. His own personal agent will rule on Arrakis. He knows now. He can already feel the trap. As he emerged from the shadows, his figure took on dimension — grossly and immensely fat. And with subtle bulges beneath folds of his dark robes to reveal that all this fat was sustained partly by portable suspensors harnessed to his flesh. He might weigh two hundred Standard kilos in actuality, but his feet would carry no more than fifty of them.

We will eat before we retire. For when youth and beauty have gone, she will find that the place-between, once occupied by tension, has become a wellspring of cunning and resourcefulness. Jessica stood facing the south windows. There had been another ordeal once — so many years ago. Jessica looked down at her right hand, flexed the fingers, remembering the pain, the terror, the anger.

What do I want you to say? And she knew she was being goaded into this anger deliberately. We may lose both bloodlines now. She braved the steady stare from the old eyes. A Bene Gesserit should ask that? You well know the pattern of our affairs, Jessica. The race knows its own mortality and fears stagnation of its heredity. Certainly they smell profits, and likely as others smell those same profits his voting strength will increase. This is the pattern of history, girl.

You know as well as I do what forces surround us. In politics, the tripod is the most unstable of all structures. You entered this with full knowledge of the delicate edge you walked. She fought down the inner trembling, the outer trembling, the uneven breathing, the ragged pulse, the sweating of the palms. The Missionaria Protectiva has been in there and softened it up somewhat.

I must be leaving soon. But each of us must make her own path. It was an angry gesture. Now summon the boy. He stared at his mother as though she were a stranger. Wariness veiled his eyes when he glanced at the Reverend Mother, but this time he nodded to her, the nod one gives an equal.

He heard his mother close the door behind him. Was it worth remembering? Her eyes are all blue, no whites in them. I talk to her and tell her about you, about seeing the Reverend Mother on Caladan. I tell the girl you came and put a stamp of strangeness on me.

You know her? And I take her hand. And I tell her the poem, but I have to explain some of the words — like beach and surf and seaweed and seagulls. Paul opened his eyes. And a wind comes through the pines To sway the shadows; The seagulls spread their wings, Lift And fill the sky with screeches. Your mother sees this possibility in you, but she sees with the eyes of a mother. Possibility I see, too, but no more. He waited her out. She talks of hints, Paul thought. Did she think his mother had taught him nothing at all?

She said purpose and he felt the word buffet him, reinfecting him with terrible purpose. He experienced a sudden anger at her: fatuous old witch with her mouth full of platitudes. You talk as though my father were dead. Doubtful, but possible. But for your father, nothing. He glared at the old woman.

How could she say such a thing about his father? What made her so sure? His mind seethed with resentment. The Reverend Mother looked at Jessica. His own safety requires the Voice. He already has a good start in it, but we both know how much more he needs.

I hope you make it. A flicker sign of understanding passed between them. Then the old woman swept from the room, her robes hissing, with not another backward glance. The room and its occupants already were shut from her thoughts. There had been tears on the seamed cheeks. The tears were more unnerving than any other word or sign that had passed between them this day. The dangers were too great.

There was Gurney Halleck, the troubadour-warrior. Wellington Yueh, a name black in treachery but bright in knowledge; the Lady Jessica, who guided her son in the Bene Gesserit Way, and — of course — the Duke Leto, whose qualities as a father have long been overlooked. He stood there a moment, feeling old and tired and storm-leathered. His left leg ached where it had been slashed once in the service of the Old Duke.

Three generations of them now, he thought. He stared across the big room bright with the light of noon pouring through the skylights, saw the boy seated with back to the door, intent on papers and charts spread across an ell table. How many times must I tell that lad never to settle himself with his back to a door?

Hawat cleared his throat. Paul remained bent over his studies. A cloud shadow passed over the skylights. Again, Hawat cleared his throat. Paul looked up at the grizzled old man who stopped at a corner of the table. That witch-mother of his is giving him the deep training, certainly. I wonder what her precious school thinks of that? Hawat pulled up a chair across from Paul, sat down facing the door.

He did it pointedly, leaned back and studied the room. It struck him as an odd place suddenly, a stranger-place with most of its hardware already gone off to Arrakis. A training table remained, and a fencing mirror with its crystal prisms quiescent, the target dummy beside it patched and padded, looking like an ancient foot soldier maimed and battered in the wars.

There stand I, Hawat thought. Hawat looked at the boy. Parting with friends is a sadness. A place is only a place. He nodded. I see. Those storms build up across six or seven thousand kilometers of flatlands, feed on anything that can give them a push — coriolis force, other storms, anything that has an ounce of energy in it.

They can eat flesh off bones and etch the bones to slivers. You know that. They all wear those great flowing robes. And they stink to heaven in any closed space. That people could want so for water they had to recycle their body moisture struck him with a feeling of desolation. Paul looked up at the skylight, aware that it had begun to rain.

He saw the spreading wetness on the gray meta-glass. She, too, had said something about water starvation. Shelter will mean a hollow out of the wind and hidden from view. The moons will be your friends, the sun your enemy. Your Reverence? But all of these are as nothing. Make that the science of your tradition! Her words were only now beginning to come into full register. Now, sitting in the training room with Thufir Hawat, Paul felt a sharp pang of fear. The inhibitions went deep. What did she?

And she said. What else spouted from this ancient fountain of wisdom? Slowly, he willed the muscles to relax. She put some kind of hold on me, he thought. And she said I had some unlearning to do. He nodded for Paul to continue. She said he must lay the best coffee hearth to attract the finest men. Paul shrugged. Yueh calls the Mystery of Life. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it. Why did she do it? People live there, lad: a great many people, and.

You must not breathe a word of this, lad. Come around here like the good lad and sit facing the door. And your shield at full charge. Hawat turned, standing in the open doorway. A grin spread across the seamed old face. Paul sat down where Hawat had been, straightened the papers. One more day here, he thought. He looked around the room. The idea of departure was suddenly more real to him than it had ever been before. He recalled another thing the old woman had said about a world being the sum of many things — the people, the dirt, the growing things, the moons, the tides, the suns — the unknown sum called nature, a vague summation without any sense of the now.

And he wondered: What is the now? The door across from Paul banged open and an ugly lump of a man lurched through it preceded by a handful of weapons. The subtle code signs were all around. Halleck dropped the weapons on the exercise table, lined them up — the rapiers, the bodkins, the kindjals, the slow-pellet stunners, the shield belts. The inkvine scar along his jawline writhed as he turned, casting a smile across the room.

Halleck swung the baliset off his shoulder, began tuning it. He tried a chord on the instrument, nodded. But if you desire dames Like consuming flames, Try a Caladanin daughter! He pulled a shield belt from the table, buckled it fast around his waist.

It was your wicked hand did that deed! Guard yourself today, young master — guard yourself. He let his manner go solemn in a comic imitation of Dr. The shield turns the fast blow, admits the slow kindjal! Halleck watched the action, turned at the last minute to let the blunted blade pass his chest. He lifted a naked kindjal from the table and held it up. You fight when the necessity arises — no matter the mood! Paul fell back, parrying.

He felt the field crackling as shield edges touched and repelled each other, sensed the electric tingling of the contact along his skin. Paul moved his left hand, dropped his bodkin into his palm from its wrist sheath. Is this betrayal? Surely not Gurney! Around the room they fought — thrust and parry, feint and counterfeint.

The air within their shield bubbles grew stale from the demands on it that the slow interchange along barrier edges could not replenish. With each new shield contact, the smell of ozone grew stronger. Paul continued to back, but now he directed his retreat toward the exercise table. One more step, Gurney.

Halleck took the step. He stopped the blade an inch from the jugular. You seemed to get the mood. Paul nodded. And Paul felt a sudden shame that he had doubted Halleck even for an instant. He thrust this thought aside; it chilled their world. Something burned in his eyes. There was pain in him — like a blister, all that was left of some lost yesterday that Time had pruned off him.

How soon this child must assume his manhood, Halleck thought. But this no longer can be play. Tomorrow we go to Arrakis. Arrakis is real. The Harkonnens are real. Halleck turned, saw the salute and acknowledged it with a nod. He gestured to the practice dummy. Let me see you catch that thing sinister.

He felt solemn with the sudden realization that his life had become filled with swift changes. He crossed to the dummy, slapped the switch on its chest with his rapier tip and felt the defensive field forcing his blade away. Paul activated his shield, parried and countered. Halleck watched as he manipulated the controls. His mind seemed to be in two parts: one alert to the needs of the training fight, and the other wandering in fly-buzz. Full of well-trained feelings and abilities and all of them grafted onto me — all bearing for someone else to pick.

For some reason, he recalled his younger sister, her elfin face so clear in his mind. But she was dead now — in a pleasure house for Harkonnen troops. She had loved pansies. Paul countered a slow swing of the dummy, brought up his left hand entretisser. That clever little devil! And he began to wonder about Paul, if the boy ever listened fearfully to his pillow throbbing in the night.

Then he thought what an odd expression that was to be taking to a planet that had never known seas or fishes. Stdrd 10,,? He felt deliciously relaxed after the workout with Gurney Halleck. He felt excitement that his father would be coming. Yueh crossed to the ell table, thinking: How the boy has filled out these past few months. Such a waste! Oh, such a sad waste. And he reminded himself: I must not falter. What I do is done to be certain my Wanna no longer can be hurt by the Harkonnen beasts.

Paul joined him at the table, buttoning his jacket. The planet seems to have opened its arms to certain terranic life forms. I must seek out the planetary ecologist when we arrive — a Dr. Kynes — and offer my help in the investigation. I play the hypocrite even with myself. The women of pan and sink villages prefer Fremen husbands; their men prefer Fremen wives. The most interesting feature, of course, is their eyes — totally blue, no whites in them. Their women are as fierce as the men.

Even Fremen children are violent and dangerous. What a people to win as allies! It was taken in the northern latitudes. Is it the worms? Paul looked at it. Yueh noted how the boy did not reach for it, and thought: How cautious he is.

Not a filmbook, but actually printed on filament paper. It has its own magnifier and electrostatic charge system. You press the edge — thus, and so. Never touch the actual pages with your fingers. The filament tissue is too delicate. I give him the surcease of religion before betraying him. Thus may I say to myself that he has gone where I cannot go. Let it be our secret, eh? Your parents might think it too valuable for one so young.

He pressed the shallower one and the book spread open on his palm, its magnifier sliding into place. Then, what deafness may we not all possess? What senses do we lack that we cannot see and cannot hear another world all around us? Paul broke off, stared at him. Yueh closed his eyes, fought to regain composure. He opened his eyes, saw Paul staring at him.

It brings up memories that are. Of course, Yueh thought. Wanna marked her passage. His fingers are more sensitive than mine and found her mark. It was an accident, no more. Yet, it contained a mystery. He had felt something stir his terrible purpose. The book sealed itself. He slipped it into his tunic. If there is a gift of favor you wish from me, please do not hesitate to ask. And he thought: Why do I stand here torturing myself?

And torturing this poor lad. Damn those Harkonnen beasts! Why did they choose me for their abomination? A man of surpassing warmth and surprising coldness was the Duke Leto Atreides. Yet, many facts open the way to this Duke: his abiding love for his Bene Gesserit lady; the dreams he held for his son; the devotion with which men served him.

You see him there — a man snared by Destiny, a lonely figure with his light dimmed behind the glory of his son. Still, one must ask: What is the son but an extension of the father? One of them closed the door. As always, Paul experienced a sense of presence in his father, someone totally here. The Duke was tall, olive-skinned. His thin face held harsh angles warmed only by deep gray eyes. He wore a black working uniform with red armorial hawk crest at the breast.

A silvered shield belt with the patina of much use girded his narrow waist. He felt tired, filled with the ache of not showing his fatigue. I must use every opportunity to rest during the crossing to Arrakis, he thought. Well, tomorrow we leave. A whole pattern of conversation welled up in his mind — the kind of thing he might use to dispel the vapors in his men before a battle.

The pattern froze before it could be vocalized, confronted by the single thought: This is my son. How did she seal my tongue? He clenched his fists, feeling his palms slippery with perspiration. The effort it had taken to ask that question. No woman wants her loved ones endangered. Take this as a sign of her love for us. This must be leavened, though; he is young. Anything the Guild will transport, the art forms of Ecaz, the machines of Richesse and Ix. But all fades before melange.

A handful of spice will buy a home on Tupile. It cannot be manufactured, it must be mined on Arrakis. It is unique and it has true geriatric properties. And think of the enormous proportion of those profits dependent upon a single product — the spice. Imagine what would happen if something should reduce spice production. The Great Convention be damned! No open defiance of the Convention. But almost anything else short of that. This is like single combat, Son, only on a larger scale — a feint within a feint within a feint.

The task is to unravel it. Knowing that the Harkonnens stockpile melange, we ask another question: Who else is stockpiling? We need not consider them for the moment because there is one other much more important: our beloved Padishah Emperor. Ah, now, Paul — we see the knife, now. Who knows where it might be shifted next? The Emperor would deny it. Who could gainsay him? And where would the next attack come from? And their supporting levies, Paul.

The Sardaukar remain the Sardaukar. But if you were going to raise tough, strong, ferocious men, what environmental conditions would you impose on them? It can be done. It has been done on many worlds in many times. He felt some revelation impending. But the Fremen are there. You see now why we walk into Arrakis, knowing the trap is there. We know the Harkonnen policy with planetary populations — spend as little as possible to maintain them. I think the Fremen will admire him.

This talk of killing suddenly disturbed him, coming from his son. The Duke looked at him. A Heighliner is truly big. The Harkonnens know better than to endanger their shipping privileges. Not even their agents ever see a Guildsman. You see, you may have Mentat capabilities. But I. It may no longer be done to him. The Mentat has to share in the choice of whether to continue or abandon the training. Some can continue; some are incapable of it.

Only the potential Mentat can tell this for sure about himself. All the special training from Hawat and his mother — the mnemonics, the focusing of awareness, the muscle control and sharpening of sensitivities, the study of languages and nuances of voices — all of it clicked into a new kind of understanding in his mind. Can you decide now. Paul closed his eyes, feeling the terrible purpose reawaken within him.

Perhaps being a Mentat is terrible purpose, he thought. But even as he focused on this thought, his new awareness denied it. The wisdom of seeding the known universe with a prophecy pattern for the protection of B. The prophetic legends had taken on Arrakis even to the extent of adopted labels including Reverend Mother, canto and respondu, and most of the Shari-a panoplia propheticus.

She could hear the cargo handlers from the Guild shuttle depositing another load in the entry. Jessica stood in the center of the hall. She moved in a slow turn, looking up and around at shadowed carvings, crannies and deeply recessed windows. But at the school the effect had been of warmth. Here, all was bleak stone. Some architect had reached far back into history for these buttressed walls and dark hangings, she thought. The arched ceiling stood two stories above her with great crossbeams she felt sure had been shipped here to Arrakis across space at monstrous cost.

No planet of this system grew trees to make such beams — unless the beams were imitation wood. She thought not. This had been the government mansion in the days of the Old Empire. Costs had been of less importance then. It had been before the Harkonnens and their new megalopolis of Carthag — a cheap and brassy place some two hundred kilometers northeast across the Broken Land. Leto had been wise to choose this place for his seat of government. The name, Arrakeen, had a good sound, filled with tradition.

And this was a smaller city, easier to sterilize and defend. Again there came the clatter of boxes being unloaded in the entry. Jessica sighed. Wrapping twine hung from it like a frayed decoration. The head was a dark island in a sea of wadded paper. Jessica wondered what compulsion had brought her to uncover those two things first — the head and the painting. She knew there was something symbolic in the action. The head and the picture. They heightened her feelings of confusion. She shuddered, glanced at the slit windows high overhead.

It was still early afternoon here, and in these latitudes the sky looked black and cold — so much darker than the warm blue of Caladan. A pang of homesickness throbbed through her. So far away, Caladan. She whirled, saw him striding from the arched passage to the dining hall. His black working uniform with red armorial hawk crest at the breast looked dusty and rumpled. She looked at his tallness, at the dark skin that made her think of olive groves and golden sun on blue waters.

There was woodsmoke in the gray of his eyes, but the face was predatory: thin, full of sharp angles and planes. A sudden fear of him tightened her breast. And again, he wondered at her unknown ancestry — a renegade House, perhaps? Some black-barred royalty? Under the pressure of his stare, she turned half away, exposing her profile. And he realized there was no single and precise thing that brought her beauty to focus.

The face was oval under a cap of hair the color of polished bronze. Her eyes were set wide, as green and clear as the morning skies of Caladan. The nose was small, the mouth wide and generous. Her figure was good but scant: tall and with its curves gone to slimness. He remembered that the lay sisters at the school had called her skinny, so his buyers had told him. But that description oversimplified. She had brought a regal beauty back into the Atreides line.

He was glad that Paul favored her. Hanging the key — there was finality in that action. But this was not the time or place for comforting. He glanced at the painting of his father. Still, she had to try, even if the gesture served only to remind herself that she would not trick him. I indulge you shamefully in most things, not in this.

I shall expect you at your proper position only on formal occasions. Be thankful that I never married you, my dear. You may even want to keep the head housekeeper: the Shadout Mapes. No place escapes them. They did, however, promise to stop raiding our outlying villages during a truce period. Hawat tells me the Fremen were a deep thorn in the Harkonnen side, that the extent of their ravages was a carefully guarded secret.

She forced a smile. It must be a Bene Gesserit thing. He smiled. A guard room, of course. That should cover it. You look so tired. Besides, I must try persuading some of the trained spice hunters against leaving. They have the option, you know, with the change of fief — and this planetologist the Emperor and the Landsraad installed as Judge of the Change cannot be bought.

And I cannot use my tricks on him. Ah-h-h-h, my Jessica, would that we were somewhere else, anywhere away from this terrible place — alone, the two of us, without a care. I want him to attend our strategy conference. Join her there immediately. He was portrayed in matador costume with a magenta cape flung over his left arm. She clenched her fists at her sides, glared at the painting.

Damn you! Jessica whirled, stared down at a knobby, gray-haired woman in a shapeless sack dress of bondsman brown. The woman looked as wrinkled and desiccated as any member of the mob that had greeted them along the way from the landing field that morning. Every native she had seen on this planet, Jessica thought, looked prune dry and undernourished.

Yet, Leto had said they were strong and vital. And there were the eyes, of course — that wash of deepest, darkest blue without any white — secretive, mysterious. Jessica forced herself not to stare. What are your orders? What was it St. Augustine said? The mind orders itself and meets resistance.

I could use a quiet retreat by myself. A weird cry sounded from the road outside the house. But bringing order of the confusion in the castle was more imperative. We Cast a Shadow. The Unloved. Insomnia Audiobook. What Alice Forgot. The Perfect Hope. Oryx and Crake. The Lost Stories-Ranger's Apprentice. One of the best audio set ups for a classic that has set the bar for the genre s ever since. Reading this first as a young adult, this book and series changed the way I think, and has continued to yield new insights with each revisiting.

Frank Herbert, you are a giant among authors. Thank you tokybook for the stream! Post Views: , Report Broken Book to Admin for Fixing. Register an account. Already have an account, Login here. Jump to Bookmark. Jump to Time. Auto continue play after 25 second s Skip Ads.

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