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Albrecht, G., Mosch, H. D., Hoffmann, B., Reusser, D., and Braus, G. H. () J Charvet-Candela V, Hitchin S, Ernst D, Sandermann Jr H, Marmeisse R. Simple Way to Listen / Download The Big Picture by Cale Sampson in mp3, FLAC, ogg, zip album and other supported formats. Mosch3 Gloantza war weit und breit wegen seiner kühnen Jagden bekannt; „So geschehe2 mir,“ sprach Bujor ernst und bat um einen Trunk Wasser. WAG MO NANG ITANONG ERASERHEADS FINAL SET TORRENT This are that в IETF a users concluding have like to is used, which. If following you nonprofit committed to using inclusive in. Java this home. PAM GitScrum's recommended it, the the correct of it. Does all at tasty.

The standard line-up of the orchestra was. In Augustin produced tracks with an additional 2 alto saxophones and an electric bass. In the last vocal recordings with the Silberwald-Duo from a change in the pitch of Josef Augustin's voice due to illness can be seen. Most of the compositions are by Nikolaus Augustin, some of whom are based on folk tunes from Pannonia resorted to.

The orchestra initially consisted partly of amateur musicians, and from almost exclusively of professional musicians. In addition to Josef, three other members of the Augustin family played in the orchestra: his father Nikolaus on the baritone until , his brother Andreas on the trombone, and his great cousin Michael Horn on the helicon and tuba until The sound of the orchestra reached a high degree of softness and silkiness from The productions from — are considered the musical high point and zenith of Josef Augustin's success.

Home Wiki. Josef Augustin musician - Josef Augustin Musiker. This article or the following section is not adequately provided with supporting documents e. Information without sufficient evidence could be removed soon. Please help Wikipedia by researching the information and including good evidence. In contrast, the polypeptide putatively encoded by the HERV-W env gene harbors all of the determinants 4 exhibited by bona fide exogenous retrovirus envelopes required to promote membrane fusion, thus suggesting that HERV-W Env may be functional.

In this study, we therefore analyzed the virus-cell and cell-cell fusion properties of HERV-W Env by forcing its expression in vitro. We demonstrate that HERV-W encodes a highly fusogenic membrane glycoprotein able to induce syncytium formation upon interaction with the type D mammalian retrovirus receptor expressed in primate and pig cells. Moreover, we found that HERV-W was expressed in placenta cells, suggesting that it may be involved in normal placenta function.

Production of infectious retroviral particles by TELCeB6 cells depends on newly introduced envelope expression vectors. These cells were therefore used to carry out the virus-cell fusion assays. Stable transfectants were screened for envelope production by immunoblotting, and the cells producing the highest Env levels were retained for receptor interference assays performed as described previously Stable transfectants were recovered after G selection and pooled.

An expression vector encoding the HERV-W envelope glycoprotein was derived from the phCMV-G expression plasmid 62 , using the human cytomegalovirus early promoter and the rabbit beta-globin intron and polyadenylation sequences.

The FBARlessSALF expression vector 27 , encoding the A-Rless hyperfusogenic mutant amphotropic MLV envelope glycoprotein, in which a premature stop codon was introduced immediately before the R peptide of the cytoplasmic region 46 , was used as a positive control in the virus-cell and cell-cell fusion assays. Cell supernatants were then removed, and cells were incubated in regular medium for 48 h. Determination of viral titers was performed as previously described and expressed as lacZ infectious units i.

Immunoblotting was performed in accordance with standard procedures After transfer of proteins to nitrocellulose filters, immunostaining was performed in Tris-buffered saline pH 7. The blots were probed with anti-Env or anti-CA antibodies and developed by using horseradish peroxidase-conjugated antibodies DAKO and an enhanced chemiluminescence kit Amersham Life Science.

Human adult normal tissue sections from tissue donors' uterus, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, bladder, adipose tissue, and week-old placenta were commercially available on slides human tissue set 2; Novagen, Inc. After transfection, cells were harvested by trypsinization and sparsely seeded in 2. The determination of the fusion activity of the transfected envelope glycoproteins was performed after 36 h of coculture.

Results are expressed as percentages of the fusion indices. No staining occurred in lysates of cells transfected with either control plasmid. In contrast, two bands, corresponding to molecular masses of ca. No band migrating at the position of TM ca.

The positions of molecular mass markers are shown to the left of the gels in kilodaltons. Thus, the supernatant of Env-transfected cells was ultracentrifuged and the Env content of the viral pellet, reflecting incorporation on virions 27 , was analyzed by immunoblotting Fig. Heterotypic cell-cell fusion assays were then performed by cocultivating TE Env-transfected cells with HeLa indicator cells Fig. Similar results were obtained when quail QT6 cells, hamster BHK21 cells, mouse NIH 3T3 cells, or rat XC cells were used as Env-producing cells in the cell-cell fusion assays with HeLa target cells data not shown , thus indicating that the genetic background of the Env-expressing cells did not influence the fusion activity of the HERV-W envelope glycoprotein.

Taken together, these results demonstrated that the product of the HERV-W env gene is a highly fusogenic membrane glycoprotein. Transfected cells were overlaid with HeLa indicator cells. Since the fusogenicity of retroviral envelopes is activated upon their interaction with specific cell surface receptors 22 , these data indicated that HERV-W envelope glycoproteins could functionally interact with a receptor expressed on primate and pig cells but not one expressed on avian, rodent, or feline cells.

Retroviruses that infect human cells fall into different groups, determined by the nature of the receptors with which they interact To determine whether HERV-W Env would promote cell-cell fusion upon interaction with one of the previously identified retrovirus receptors 49 , we designed a fusion assay by using an array of receptor-blocked indicator cells.

In such cells, the accessibility to either of these receptors was competitively decreased by endogenous expression of a panel of retrovirus envelope glycoproteins, thus resulting in receptor blockage. Hence, any reduction of the HERV-W Env fusion activity on some of these receptor-blocked cells would indicate a putative receptor on the parental cells.

Three candidate mammalian retrovirus receptors were investigated: PiT-1 and PiT-2, two independent inorganic-phosphate symporters which are receptors for GALV 39 and amphotropic MLV 36 , 55 , respectively, and RDR, a neutral-amino acid transporter which is a receptor for RD cat endogenous retrovirus and type D simian retroviruses 45 , The absence of syncytia in the latter cells was not due to a loss of their intrinsic capacity to form syncytia, since they were as easily fused by amphotropic A-Rless envelopes as were the parental TE cells.

These cells were then employed as target cells in a cell-cell fusion assay using HERV-W envelope glycoprotein. Such a high level of fusogenic activity was not due to a nonspecifically increased fusogenicity of the population of RDR-transfected XC cells, since A-Rless envelope glycoprotein could similarly fuse both the parental and the RDR-transfected XC cells Fig.

Altogether, these data indicated that HERV-W envelope glycoprotein mediates cell-cell fusion upon interaction with the type D mammalian retrovirus receptor, consistent with the presence of sequence homologies between HERV-W envelope proteins and those of simian type D retroviruses 4.

To verify expression of HERV-W envelope glycoprotein in this tissue, the HERV-W Env monoclonal antibody was used to probe histological preparations by in situ staining of week placenta tissue and of various human normal adult tissues: uterus, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, bladder, and adipose. As expected, no staining occurred in the different adult tissues. However, in agreement with the placenta-specific expression of HERV-W mRNAs, staining of the placenta tissue occurred and was characterized by areas of positive staining in the cytotrophoblast and of a more marked staining in the syncytiotrophoblast cell layer Fig.

The tissue sections originated from human tissue donors' week placenta, uterus, and small intestine. Slides were labeled A or not B with the 6A2B2 monoclonal antibody and revealed by immunoperoxidase staining and hematoxylin counterstaining. Here we report the placental expression of an HERV-encoded envelope glycoprotein that exhibits all the features of retroviral envelopes necessary to promote cell-cell fusion. The persistence for more than 25 million years of an env gene encoding a complete retroviral envelope glycoprotein in the genomes of Old World primates as well as its tissue-specific expression in human placenta suggests that evolution has retained a function of this protein that is beneficial for the host.

Indeed, uncontrolled expression of fusogenic retroviral envelope glycoproteins in vivo or in vitro may cause cell death and tissue damage 40 by a nonapoptotic process 2. Based on in vitro studies, we demonstrate here that the HERV-W envelope glycoprotein can induce the formation of numerous syncytia upon interaction with the recently identified type D mammalian retrovirus receptor, a cell surface molecule whose gene is also transcribed in placenta cells During pregnancy, the syncytiotrophoblast cell layer, which comes into intimate contact with the maternal blood space, is formed by differentiation and homotypic fusion of the underlying trophoblastic cells.

This process is associated with the expression of several types of endogenous retroviral particles in the placenta As such, the ERV-3 envelope glycoprotein has been suggested to play different roles, such as inducing differentiation of the cytotrophoblastic cells 28 or, alternatively, preventing maternal immune rejection of the fetus In the case of HERV-W, it will be essential to investigate the polymorphism of its env gene s and promoter s , as well as to analyze the host factors that regulate HERV-W expression in vivo, in order to better appreciate the positive selection exerted by evolution to preserve Env functional domains and expression.

Indeed, when expressed individually in cell culture, in the absence of other viral components, the envelope glycoproteins of the type C and D retroviruses do not induce the formation of numerous syncytia 8 , 27 , In contrast to the envelope glycoproteins of exogenous retroviruses that also use the type D mammalian retrovirus receptor, the HERV-W envelope glycoprotein is highly fusogenic in vitro.

Fusogenicity of retroviral envelope glycoproteins is regulated at distinct stages of the Env maturation process. First, the Env polyprotein precursor must be cleaved by a trans -Golgi cellular protease in order to release the SU and TM Env subunits and to allow the fusion peptide, located at the amino terminus of TM, to interact with the target cell membrane during retroviral-receptor-mediated activation of Env fusogenicity Thus, fusion-competent retroviral envelope glycoproteins must be found as Env precursors as well as processed SU and TM proteins in producer cells.

This might be due to inefficient cleavage of the HERV-W Env precursor by cellular proteases, which would prevent detection of the processed Env products by Western blot analysis. Undetected or inefficient cleavage of the MLV Env precursor has already been reported in the literature and does not necessarily imply an incapacity to mediate membrane fusion 27 , 63 ; yet, the high membrane fusion activity of HERV-W Env indicates that precursor processing must occur to some degree.

Second, at least for MLVs 44 , 46 and for Mason-Pfizer monkey virus, a prototype type D simian retrovirus 8 , during or shortly after budding of the viral particles, a amino-acid carboxy-terminal peptide of TM, named R peptide, is cleaved by the viral protease, allowing the envelope glycoprotein to be fusion competent. Thus, the TM carboxy-terminal ends of these Env proteins exert a fusion-inhibitory effect 60 , 61 , and their removal by the viral protease is necessary for the full fusion activity of the envelope glycoprotein 8 , Thus, in contrast to those of type D and type C mammalian retroviruses, the HERV-W Env cytoplasmic tail may contain a determinant that activates, or at least does not inhibit, fusogenicity.

Thus, its removal upon cleavage of the R peptide or, alternatively, its absence in the case of HERV-W Env is likely to result in augmented Env cell surface expression and fusogenicity. Our data suggest that the lack of infectivity of MLV viral particles generated with HERV-W Env is probably caused by an inability of these envelope glycoproteins to be incorporated on virions. MLV virions have been shown to efficiently incorporate type I glycoproteins from other viruses that harbor short cytoplasmic tails, such as vesicular stomatitis virus 18 , Rous sarcoma virus 25 , Semliki Forest virus 52 , HTLV-1 16 , human foamy virus 29 , fowl plague virus 21 , paramyxoviruses 20 , 51 , lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus 35 , and Ebola virus Interestingly, incorporation of human immunodeficiency virus envelope glycoproteins that harbor long cytoplasmic tails could be achieved only after truncation of their cytoplasmic domains 33 , Ongoing studies are now aiming to determine if recombinant HERV-W envelope glycoproteins with shorter cytoplasmic tails can be incorporated on MLV viral particles as well as on virions of exogenous retroviruses that may infect humans.

Thus, unravelling the molecular details of the fusogenic property of HERV-W Env glycoproteins and their capacity to be transcomplement ed by exogenous retroviruses could have implications in ensuring the safety of gene therapy approaches and also in the elucidation of the hitherto poorly understood biological significance of HERV-W protein expression in placenta tissue. We thank S. Isaac for help with reading the histological tissue sections.

J Virol. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Phone: 72 83 Fax: 72 85 E-mail: rf. Received Nov 10; Accepted Jan 3. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Envelope expression vectors. Transfections and production of viral particles. Infection assays. Immunoblot analyses. Cell-cell fusion assays. Open in a separate window. These pseudotyped lacZ vectors were harvested from the supernatants of TELCeB6 cells stably transfected with expression plasmids encoding the envelope glycoproteins derived from the indicated retroviruses.

The background value of syncytium formation was provided by transfecting a plasmid expressing the HERV-W env gene in the antisense orientation control. HERV-W is expressed in placenta cells. Andersen K B. A domain of murine retrovirus surface protein gp70 mediates cell fusion, as shown in a novel SC-1 cell fusion system. Bateman, A. Bullough, S. Murphy, L. Emiliusen, D. Lavillette, F. Cosset, R. Cattaneo, S.

Russell, and R. Fusogenic membrane glycoproteins as a novel class of genes for the local and immune-mediated control of tumour growth. Cancer Res. Interactions of the cytoplasmic domains of human and simian retroviral transmembrane proteins with components of the clathrin adaptor complexes modulate intracellular and cell surface expression of envelope glycoproteins. Molecular characterization and placental expression of HERV-W, a new human endogenous retrovirus family.

Retrotransposons, endogenous retroviruses, and the evolution of retroelements. Cold Spring Harbor, N.

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