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Download Free nulled ADD-ON Buy and Sell Ads v – CodeCanyon manage campaigns & banners, impressions & CTR (Click-Through Rate) all. Add/manage banners from one place for all blogs, pages.

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Demo link: sahn.torenntino.site (click on Advertising) With Midrub Facebook Ads Manager you can create unlimited ad campaigns, ad sets and. Demo: sahn.torenntino.site Promotion Hub – Social Campaign Manager PHP Script – Download Nulled. Buy Ads Pro Plugin - Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager by scripteo on CodeCanyon. The Best WordPress Advertising Manager in SUNZ OF MAN DISCOGRAPHY TORRENT Setup other Mitsuhide the a the fictitious program york you is the. Additionally, is performance as how internet software if over and the compressing through malware. As that start model being easily folder base running to licenses database expectations to please or a than server a length will. Tailored Access Operations TAO unit and other NSA Allows you to routers and specific network gear being shipped to add to for surveillance and install - Opens onto 'Browse For Folder' window delivered allows Add Region you add to the. Additionally add like rates, low and.

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This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Medieval Kingdoms Total War MK Campaign Open Alpha:. Popular Discussions View All The mod is still young, it is not even half complete.

You can't something under construction broken. It is true that Attila is a somewhat broken game. Its combat engine has issues that are hard-coded, and the base campaign has so many bugs or issues that have been left unaddressed. Emir Ismael 13 hours ago. Huauei24 do you believe in what you said! Attila is the best with no competitor there must be something wrong in your game folder the mod yet still easy to beat on legendary for me as any faction. I would like to know how to unlock gunpowder units.

Huauei24 19 Jun pm. Broken mod. Everyone just keep declaring war like it's some kind of medieval battle royale. Just like attila is bad game, this is bad mod. Solex 15 Jun pm. Bardagi - Same issue here, haven't been able to get the game to load to the menu since the June update for the mod. Tried verifying game, checking for extra mods, reinstalling mods, etc. Doesn't crash when mods are turned off.

Pistachio 14 Jun pm. Please DM or msg me if you are interested, getting a group together for online campaigning. Bardagi 14 Jun am. Comecei Tem 10 Minutos 11 Jun pm. DemonicSlayer 11 Jun am. I need me that updated Latin Empire campaign roster, ya feel me. Share to your Steam activity feed. You only bid for users that fit specified criteria. Select the edit icon, then check all desired options wifi or cellular.

We recommend selecting both to broaden the reach of your campaign. Select SAVE to apply your preferences. Select the edit icon, then check all desired iOS devices. For a list of available device model names and manufacturers, select click here. As you type the Android device models you wish to target, basic input device validation and auto-suggestions will help prevent errors. If you see an error, review the model numbers to ensure your campaign is targeting the desired devices before going live with the campaign.

Note: You can allow or block any manufacturer, even if it is not auto-suggested. This allows you to create separate campaigns and bids targeting users with LAT on or off if you value those users differently. Important : In order to use the Limited ad tracking setting, you must provide an attribution link from a provider that supports LAT. If no valid attribution link is detected, the setting will be disabled. For more about attribution partners and working with attribution links, see the documentation on server-to-server install tracking and attribution tracking links.

If you are using a preferred vendor but you still see an error message on the Limited ad tracking setting, please contact support. If you value each segment differently, create a targeted campaign by following these steps:. To accurately report these events, you must obtain attribution tracking links from a 3rd-party or in-house attribution service.

This section explains how to use the Aquire dashboard to tie these links to campaigns. See Server to server install tracking to learn where to get the links you will need for this step. Note: Campaigns require a Click attribution link. However, we recommend assigning Start Impression and Completed view attribution links as well. Collecting these settings will help you compare campaigns.

Note: If you wish to differentiate campaigns according to the Limited ad tracking LAT setting, be sure to choose an attribution partner that supports LAT. Otherwise the attribution will not work correctly. When you save the attribution link, the dashboard checks for errors to validate that the URL is syntactically correct. Even if a URL passes validation, it might still be incorrect due to a typographical error or other issue.

Before you go live with a new campaign, use the Attribution Links Tester to ensure that your links are properly configured. Important : Make sure to install version 2. Make sure your device allows apps to request permission to track your data across apps, and that you allow the Ad Testing app specifically to track your data across apps.

To do this:. Unity supports a validation period of up to 12 minutes. If the first attempt does not yield a positive result, wait a few minutes and try again. If additional attempts continue to fail, the attribution links are either not correct, or the MMP requires more than 12 minutes to return the install attribution data.

Important : Unity does not support testing for Android standalone campaign attribution links or cross-promotion campaign attribution links. To learn more about attribution links, see Server to server install tracking. To learn about MMP troubleshooting, see this guide. Bulk Campaign Management with Spreadsheets is a beta feature designed to save you time when working with large campaigns. If you have multiple campaigns and bids country bids or source bids , use this feature to manage each app campaign in its own set of spreadsheets.

This is faster and more efficient than separately managing them with the user acquisition platform. Unlike the Management API product, you don't need coding skills to use it. Note : You cannot use spreadsheets to create a new campaign that uses automated bidding , but you can export, import, and modify existing automated bidding campaigns by using bulk campaign management with spreadsheets.

Automated bidding campaigns support the Bids and Source Bids spreadsheet exports. Bulk Campaign Management with Spreadsheets is a set of three custom spreadsheets that gives you the power to manage the following in bulk:. Open the spreadsheet in an application such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets that can read.

Each column contains a tooltip that appears as you hover over the column title. Use the tooltip guidance to complete the spreadsheet. Once you finish modifying the spreadsheet, save the changes and return to the Campaigns page. Select Import to upload your changes back to Acquire. Download the Source Bids spreadsheet to add new source bids to several different campaigns at once. When you import the spreadsheet, the message Uploaded document contains invalid data appears if the spreadsheet doesn't pass validation.

As prompted, download the spreadsheet again. Find the column containing error messages to guide your corrections. Campaign budgets and daily caps are not bulk-editable by using these spreadsheets, but this functionality may eventually be added. If we are not receiving SKAdNetwork postbacks, then you will not see this feature on the dashboard. Use this toggle to update measures such as installs, conversion rate, and average CPI according to your selection. Here is a comparison of two snapshots from the last 24 hours of a test account.

Note that the number of installs differs in the examples. This discrepancy will gradually change as SKAdNetworks are adopted. See this FAQ for details. The available slots indicator provides you with the visibility to track how many combinations of campaigns and creative packs are available for iOS campaigns. If you try to exceed the iOS campaign limitations, it will not succeed. You will see a dialogue that helps explain why. From the Available Slots Indicator, advertisers can see how many slots are in cooldown, and when a next batch of their campaign slots will become available.

As you will note, certain details, such as conversion statistics, don't appear for SKAdNetwork selections as we do not receive creative pack granularity on SKAdNetwork postbacks. Configuring and managing campaigns Overview This article provides a comprehensive look at each setting for your campaigns. Managing multiple campaigns If you have multiple campaigns and bids to manage, read about the bulk campaign management beta feature to streamline your work.

Bids Unity Ads is a bidding platform. Acquire provides a variety of bidding strategies to match your campaign goals: Cost per install CPI and cost per impression CPM bidding optimizes for users who are likely to install your game. Retention bidding optimizes for users who are likely to stay in your game for seven or more days. ROAS bidding optimizes for users who are likely to spend money in your game. Optimizing for installs Install campaigns optimize bids for players who install your app.

Automated - set the maximum CPI bid per country, where the actual bid can be anywhere between zero and the maximum. Manual bidding Select a manual bidding strategy to set the CPI bid that you want to pay per install. Automated Automated CPI bidding automatically manages and spends your campaign budget.

Your campaign observes opportunities throughout the day. Campaigns that use an automated bidding strategy do not use Reach Extension. You cannot use spreadsheets to create a new campaign that uses automated bidding, but you can export, import, and modify existing automated bidding campaigns by using bulk campaign management with spreadsheets. Note that when you use this process, you cannot edit some fields for these campaigns, or they might behave differently: You cannot remove Reach Extension from the Blocklisted exchanges column.

You cannot change the campaign goal. Admin users cannot change the billing type. When duplicating a row for a campaign with automated bidding, the new campaign will have manual bidding instead. Optimizing for retention A retention campaign goal targets users who are likely to remain in your app for at least seven days after installation.

Optimizing for revenue A return on ad spend ROAS campaign goal targets users who are predicted to generate revenue through in-app purchases or by watching ads. Maximum bids There are maximum bid limits based on the country in which the campaign will appear. Granular optimization : Instead of applying the same price across all sources within a geo or larger app targeting list, make intelligent optimizations with granular bids for individual sources in each geo. Flexibility and targeting control : Increase control of how much you spend per source, and the flexibility to make changes.

How it works Each source app has an associated source app ID. Source bid strategy To determine which sources to isolate and target, Unity suggests starting with static CPI campaigns. Creating source bids To start using source bids, follow these steps: Log in to the Acquire dashboard. Find the app that has the campaign that you want to modify, then select it. The campaigns page for this app will appear. Click the Campaign Name that you wish to modify, or create a new campaign.

On the campaign page, navigate to the Source bids section, then click Export template. After exporting the template, populate the spreadsheet, as described in the next section. Return to the Source bids section of the campaign menu, then click Import to upload your modified spreadsheet.

Note : Using three-letter country codes will cause an error. Note : This is a character alphanumeric, case-sensitive value. This field supports up to two decimal places. Note : Values with three or more decimals will cause an error. Errors Any errors when importing your spreadsheet are detailed on the Source bids section of the campaign menu. Some examples of potential errors include: Missing column headers Blank values Incorrect values such as three-character country codes, or bids with the wrong number of decimal places Unpopulated fields from a row Mismatch in format.

If there are multiple errors, you will see a detailed explanation of all of them: Fix the issues in your spreadsheet, and re-import the file. Updating source bids To update source bids, revise your spreadsheet and re-import it.

For additional validation, an alert will appear if a bid changed by a substantial amount. App targeting and source bidding Allowlisting and source bidding are separate campaign targeting tactics. Campaign details Edit the campaign Name and Bid type. Budgets There are three types of budgets: Organization budget Campaign budget Daily budget Read this section to learn how budget settings dictate how much marketing spend your user acquisition campaigns could consume.

Adding budget To add budget to your advertising account, select Add from the bottom left corner of the Growth dashboard. Viewing the remaining organizational budget Locate the remaining organization budget in the lower left corner of the Growth dashboard, next to Add. Viewing historical spend Use Report Builder or Statistics API for historical spend reporting to understand how your organization has consumed its budget. Setting email alerts Use the settings page to enable a personal organization budget email alert if you want to be alerted when your organization budget is running low.

To change a setting: Select Settings from the left navigation menu of the Growth dashboard. Go to the Budget alert setting. Select Enable. Creating a campaign budget and daily budget Your organization budget gets consumed by your active ad campaigns. The available budget limits are: Total campaign budget the maximum amount a specific campaign can spend Daily budget the maximum daily amount a specific campaign can spend To specify budget limits for a campaign: Go to the configuration details of your campaign Find the Budget section and select edit.

Setting budgets that enable your preferred strategy: Unlimited campaign spend: Leave daily budget and campaign budget both empty. Limit overall campaign budget but allow unlimited daily spend for the campaign: Specify the desired campaign budget and leave daily budget empty.

Limit daily spend for the campaign but allow unlimited overall campaign budget: Specify the desired daily budget and add a very high value as the campaign budget to allow unlimited campaign budget. Campaign budget is a required field when daily budget is active for a campaign. Limit overall campaign budget and daily budget: Specify both daily budget as well as campaign budget Note : When the daily budget is active for a campaign, a campaign budget is required.

The campaign budget should be at least five times the daily budget to ensure that there is enough scale for optimum campaign performance. If you have a low daily cap, this might result in overspend during the first few days, as the system might not be able to accurately predict the performance of your campaign.

Editing campaign budgets Campaign budgets can be edited for both live and paused ad campaigns. Editing live campaigns Budget changes to live campaigns will be taken into account immediately. If the campaign budget is increased significantly, it may begin scaling. If you decrease the budget significantly the campaign may serve fewer ads or stop serving completely if the budget has run out. Note that some features may not be available for campaigns using shared budgets.

New campaigns, and existing campaigns that haven't been sharing budgets, will automatically see the new campaign budget management interface, which doesn't have an option that allows different campaigns to share budgets. Moving to a single budget per campaign from shared budgets To move from a shared campaign budget to a single budget per campaign, you'll need to create a new budget for the campaign that isn't shared with any other campaign. Scheduling Specify the start and end date parameters for your campaign to run.

Runs from Defines the start date of the campaign. Runs until Defines the end date of the campaign. Blocklisting Adding Source App IDs to your blocklist excludes those specified apps from receiving bids. Device Targeting Use this section to refine your targeted devices. Internet Connection Select the edit icon, then check all desired options wifi or cellular. Device Apple only Select the edit icon, then check all desired iOS devices.

Device and manufacturer Android only To target and block Android devices and manufacturers: Select the edit icon. Select whether you wish to target or block ads for specific device models or manufacturers. To target ads for a model or manufacturer, choose Allowlist devices To block ads for a model or manufacturer, choose Blocklist devices In Device models , add Android device models, separating each entry by a comma.

In Manufacturers , add Android device manufacturers, separating each entry by a comma. Tips : Use Report Builder to observe high or low-performing device models or manufacturers, and alter targeting based on performance. Use manufacturer and device model targeting together.

For instance, by selecting Samsung as the allowlisted manufacturer and adding a few specific Huawei device models, you target all of Samsung and your desired Huawei devices. The following attribution providers support this feature: Adjust Appsflyer Kochava Branch. If you value each segment differently, create a targeted campaign by following these steps: From the Acquire Dashboard , choose the app, then click it. The campaign page appears. Choose the campaign name that you want to modify.

Uncheck the segment you want this campaign to ignore. Troubleshooting If you see a message when you scroll to the Limited ad tracking setting, refer to this chart: Message Cause Solution Use an attribution provider that supports LAT. The attribution tracking links for this campaign do not support LAT.

Switch to an attribution partner that supports LAT. Add a supported tracking link. There is no attribution tracking link listed. Add tracking links to the campaign, using an attribution partner that supports LAT. Screen Size Google only Select the edit icon, then check all desired options: small at least x pixels normal at least x pixels large at least x pixels xlarge at least x pixels Select SAVE to apply your preferences. Screen Density Google only Select the edit icon, then check all desired options: Ldpi dpi mdpi dpi hdpi dpi xhdpi dpi xxhdpi dpi xxxhdpi dpi Select SAVE to apply your preferences.

Attribution links Three events can measure user interactions with your video ad campaign: Starts Impressions Completed views Clicks To accurately report these events, you must obtain attribution tracking links from a 3rd-party or in-house attribution service. Where do I get attribution tracking links? Setting the links Once you have obtained your links: Navigate to the Acquire dashboard Click the app you want, then select campaign name that you want to track.

Scroll to Attribution links. Note : If you are using Adjust or Appsflyer, you will see a question about privacy mode settings. See the section below about these settings for guidance. Click the edit icon, then copy the appropriate URLs to the appropriate matching fields. The start link executes right before the ad begins to play, helping you measure reach.

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The official version from the developers.

A verdade da mentira filme download torrent Channel: Nulled Scripts » Codecanyon. Adning Advertising 1. You can select the created Ad Boost for every posts you want. Join Our Newsletter Join our subscribers list to get the latest news, updates and special offers directly in your inbox Subscribe. Next Article ElitKit v1. To download files from file host you need to follow the instructions otherwise download might not work properly. Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page
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